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I think Iacas has it exactly right.
I got the feeling the silence following Blair's putt was mostly the result of surprise and shock, maybe sadness for Aaron, but not so much dislike of Blair. I haven't seen any other indication of controversy concerning Blair. I'm sure it was just that no one saw that going in.
I may be a bit dense, I admit, but I still don't understand where the golfer's intent comes into the application of this particular RoG. Either you improved the lie, or you didn't; if you did, it was either as a result of the permitted acts, or wasn't. If KP's actions here violated the rule, by his design or otherwise, and regardless of how often it's not caught or called when others do it, he still violated the rule and won that championship under false...
He clearly didn't see what happened when Peach touched his line putting in HW18 last year. :D
Drawing a line in the sand to aid the swing -- even if it weren't a penalty because it's sand, which it is -- would also violate that other rule about marking the ground to aid your swing.
Don't know if it was this one, or another one like it, but last year shortly after the finale of HW 18 I was floating around the currents of the internet and came across this or a similar site. A bunch of the BBers were signed up, as was Anna R. and Charlotte from HW18. I think the website must have a sign up sheet tacked on the cork boards in the ladies locker rooms at the various DFT event sites. (I had a nice rant written here about the post-modern American dream in...
Me too. But he's a head case. That's not going to make competitive golf easier for him. The dude needs to chill.
This is just to note that apparently I'm not the only one to see an opportunity here for lame golf metaphors.
I agree re "cheat" -- it's a different question than did he break the rules. It denotes intentional misconduct. But the official's statement about intent remains irrelevant, since he was answering the other question: was there a violation.
Lovely swing, Vardon. That's all I have to add!
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