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So does living in your car.
1. Geoff Ogilvy Excellent form recently and is tough when it counts 2. Mr Woods No recent form to go on but after all he is who he is 3. Padraig Harrington I've seen him chopping around on the European Tour and missing a lot of 3 footers, it'll be out of his system by the time Arnie opens proceedings and he'll be ready to go 4. Aaron Baddely Absolute circus freak with the putter and there is enough room for him to spray it everywhere off the tee 5. Bubba Watson #1 in...
Good point, but if you remember Geoff did get the job done over the final few holes whereas Phil and Monty suffered badly from oxygen deprivation. The way Geoff played those last few holes of that US open were ugly but effective. That little pitch he hit from the front of the 18th took testicles the size of watermelons to pull off! Plus Phil's meltdown, it was sort of a given really wasn't it?
I have no idea about Ogilvie but Ogilvy has always been superb on and around the greens. You don't win a US Open if you can't putt! Have you seen his record in the Accenture Match Play Championship? He's 17 and 2. I'm surprised he didn't get much of a mention as a potential winner, I had him pegged as big chance.
Before you spend any more money without solid evidence as to what you need find a clubfitter with plenty of launch monitor experience and go see him/her and do a launch monitor session. Solid factual numbers are the best way to go.
There was also no mention of whether the head accepts a parallel or tapered tip shaft, makes a BIG difference as tapered tip shafts can not be trimmed from the tip as a general rule. My best advice is to go to the shaft manufacturers web site and look up specification documents, just about all of them make them freely available.
I don't make very many double bogeys and very rarely do I have a triple. Looking at my stats I'll make a double on average less than once a round and a triple once every four rounds. And I know when it is that usually I make a double or worse too. Sometimes it'll be the poor drive ending up in an impossible position or resulting in a penalty stroke, but in most cases it'll be when I have missed a green in the wrong place and I get cute and try to get it close and end up...
Personally I'd get it refinished to original. When it comes time to sell it a putter in refinished original condition should sell for more than something with YOUR initials or favourite saying and paintfilled in YOUR idea of a stylish Lime Green and Hot Purple if you know what I mean!
Instead of spending money on a new set of clubs to replace a set that you obviously seem to like, take your current set along to a clubfitter and get them fitted to suit you. That'll make a bigger difference to your game than replacing what you currently have with something similar that still wasn't made to suit you. As for putters, just try as many as you can and try them outside on a real green not in a store on carpet as it makes a big difference. Next time when you...
Have them regripped and get the loft and lie checked. If they have the correct shafts in them for you why change them, nothing will happen to a shaft to change it's spec from original other than bashing it in to something and bending/breaking. As for getting the heads refinshed, why bother if you are going to use them for another season. They have dings and scratches on them, so what? And as for worrying about the grooves, don't. Unless you have deep wear spots on the...
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