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I basically agree with Neco. You want a full shoulder turn and you need to make sure you set your wrists relatively early in order to maintain a proper angle throughout your downswing. However, I wouldn't go as far as saying 'completely stiff'. You still need to be comfortable and be loose. Its the right idea, but i think a better thought is keeping it relatively straight. 'Completely stiff' brings to mind rigidity and .....stiffness. You still want to remain athletic...
I keep it at the pretty standard 1/2 ball over the clubface. However, if you see consistent positive results with that tee height, I'd would be a good idea to stick with it.
Stand parallel to a mirror and take your setup. Your hands should be hanging down naturally. You'll notice that your lead hand (left hand if you are a righty) should be lined up under your chin. From your post, it sounds like your hands may be a little too far away from your body at setup. This makes it difficult to go back on the correct plane without compensating, and ultimately your body will essentially block your hands from coming through. By moving your hands to...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golf_ha...ecific_example additional sources at the bottom of the page
Ask around and find an instructor that appeals to you. You can always go back to your current instructor.
yea i agree.
check out the program "Scorecard" that I believe Iacas put together. He explains an efficient method that you can record all your stats on the paper scorecard that you use during the round...and then you can input the info into the program to analyze the stats. its fairly inexpensive as well. http://cynicalpeak.com/scorecard/
I think you're talking about the FZ6R....either way...i'd take any new starter bike over any scooter.
Yea definitely. At least in Florida, you need a motorcycle endorsement to ride anything over 50cc anyways. But if buying a motorcycle isn't out of the question and you have some time to save up...you'd have much better time with the better motorcycle. A scooter certainly isn't just a smaller version of a motorcycle. Aside from speed and acceleration, there are very clear handling and other performance features that'll make the riding experience notably safer and more...
Those are both definitely solid scooters. I also did a little looking around and I believe that those "Lance" scooters are made buy a Chinese company that goes by the name Znen (http://znenusa.com/). A typical thing that companies do in America is import the scooters for a cheap price, and then just slap on whatever name they want. You can go with that company...the scooter will technically work. However, it will likely be prone to breaking down. Also, finding parts...
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