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Ha! After reading your posts, Iacas was right. That WAS ironic!
Yeah, email Ari. Just email him all your questions and all that stuff, and he'll get back to you.
I'd say go for it. He'll do good with only a 6I as he can probably hit good long and approach shots, but using that thing to putt won't be easy.
That is a very interesting article, lots of good points in it as well.
I guess that's true. It all depends with how you feel when you use the putter.
I'm not sure about stores at the US, but here in Canada it depends on the store you're going to get fitted at, as all stores have different prices. Costs on reshafting a driver can vary, all depending on what shaft you're going to choose.
I'd say the shaft is as important as the head, if not more. Without a proper working shaft, the head, and most importantly you won't work to your full potential and vice versa. As you can see below, I've replaced all my stock shafts on my clubs, except for my wedges. The shafts I chose are what I feel best suit my needs. At my level, I feel I don't need to get fitted for the shafts I want, as I already feel and know which best suit me. Personally, I love searching for new...
If you want to re-groove your clubs, get 'em done at The Iron Factory. They're great for working on your irons/wedges. You can get some Mac Daddy's on them. I have no personal experience with them, but I have a friend who did, and they did a really good job. Check google, and look for reviews from different people if you want to know more about them.
Links golf with sunny skies, cool temperatures, and above average wind conditions. Just like the "Duel In The Sun" conditions at Turnberry in '77 between Watson and Nicklaus. Ohh that's perfect.
I don't think there's anything wrong when someone starts playing blades as a beginner, since I started playing blades as a beginner when I knew nothing about the game. My father got me to play blades since that was what he got used to playing as he grew up. There may be arguments about why a beginner starts the game using blades, but I've got no problem with the decision at all. Do you think golf greats before our day started with cavity backs? Back in the day, blades were...
New Posts  All Forums: