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The only problem with that is there have been ice core samples that show the Earth is warming quicker than ever before.  They know this because they can measure the amount of CO2 in the ice and compare how it has changed over time and compare it to today.  Conservatives need to stop burying their heads in the sand and stop acting like caring about the environment is a political issue.
I do it.  To be able to go down in history as the first human to set foot on another planet would be special.  Sure, it would be a one-way ticket and a certain death sentence but Id take a short life of signifigance over 100 years of nothing.
The only problem with Trump's comments about immigrants though is that hes just wrong and he wont admit it.  It kind of makes me laugh when people say Trump speaks the truth because theres been numerous studies that show immigrants are actually much less likely to commit a crime than anyone else is.  Hey, why let the facts get in the way though, right?With his McCain comment you have to wonder what he was thinking.  Id love to see Trump's service record or what hes ever...
I agree 100%. Ive got quite a few coworkers who are pretty right-wing and they love Trump.  I wouldnt contend though, that they are a little racist and very anti-immigrant and believe in some right-wing agenda that illegal immigrants are taking all these jobs away from honest, hard-working Americans.  Trump plays into their fears and their beliefs that immigrants are bad and we need to purify American, in a way. The problem with Trump though, is that other than ranting...
Agree 100%.  Mankind is going to have a simple choice: grow up, wake up and take better care of our world or face the end of civilization as we know it and possible extinction.
Its pretty obvious that the plant is warming.  Just look at shrinking glaciers and ice sheets in the arctic and antarctic and melting permafrost in Alaska and Greenland.  Not to mention warming and rising ocean levels.  Its not even a debate. I always have to kind of laugh when people scoff at the idea of global warming when the weather has been cooler where they live.  Thats weather, not climate.  What makes it even worse is that its become a political issue, with...
Id have to go Nattie simply beause shes more, "real".  If you look up pictures of Holly when she was playing college golf, she looks completely different.  It makes you wonder what on her is real and what is fake.  Not to mention the fact that Holly annoys me because she seems like shes trying to be a serious sports journalist yet even she has to realize that shes little more than eye candy and that most people just want her to smile and look pretty, not give her opinion.
For me, its Vokey.  Clevelands are nice but I find them to be too head heavy.  Vokeys seem to have a much nicer balance, for me.
Of the 4, I could most easily give up pizza.
The only problem is that people like the Donald are one of these country's problems.  Fortunately, times are changing and society is slowing but surely weeding out the thinking of the past.  The ACA got upheld, marriage equality got passed and the Confederate flag got taken down.  These are all signs that society is continuing to move forward and theres hope for the future.
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