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Its interesting to see Mizuno going back to sliding weight technology, which they had long before the SLDR came out, BTW.  (Mizuno pioneered the technology with their Fasttrack drivers years ago)  I am a bit surprised to see them coming out with another JPX driver, when in the past theyve alternated between MX/JPX drivers and MP drivers.  Perhaps they are abandoning the concept of a player's driver.
At the end of the day, if she is happy being his wife and loves him, who cares?  Sounds like some people are just all butthurt that they couldnt land a hot wife.  Honestly, even if she just loves the money and prestige of life as a PGA Tour wife, who cares?  At the end of the day, if it were me, all that would matter is she was in my bed every night, not WHY shes in my bed every night and whether or not shes going to someday find someone better. Duff's wife is hot and I...
Depends on the situation.  Trying to hit over trees is a high-risk shot and I tend to prefer to hit a low, stinger that goes under them, as I feel its an easier shot to pull off consistently.
A mallet isnt going to be a magic fix-all.  Ive played mallets and Ive played blades, I can miss putts with both.
Around here, the golf courses have been packed so far this season, so Id say golf isnt struggling in my neck of the woods.  As with everything else, the downturn in the economy has hurt golf but I wouldnt be so quick to jump to the conclusion that golf is dying.
Im not sure that custom built shafts that are custom tuned for your swing are really worth it.  Sounds like the fitter is trying to make a quick buck off of you. Id go to another fitter and go with a set of off the rack shafts that fit your swing but which you wont be upcharged for.
For me, greens that are brown or have been recently punched are bad greens.  Unless you play high-end public courses or at country clubs, thats just something you have to deal with sometimes though.
Thats why I love my JPX-800s.  When struck well they feel like a Mizuno iron but are forgiving enough for when my swing is a little off.  Id love to play a set of blades or player's irons but most of the time these JPX-800s almost feel like cheating.
I think he will always cry.  He's just a crier and thats OK.
Ive used the Superstroke 1.0 and 2.0 in the past and theyre nice.  Im not sure that it really improved my putting though.  You might experience more of a benefit with the bigger ones like the Fatso though...
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