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Thats why I love my JPX-800s.  When struck well they feel like a Mizuno iron but are forgiving enough for when my swing is a little off.  Id love to play a set of blades or player's irons but most of the time these JPX-800s almost feel like cheating.
I think he will always cry.  He's just a crier and thats OK.
Ive used the Superstroke 1.0 and 2.0 in the past and theyre nice.  Im not sure that it really improved my putting though.  You might experience more of a benefit with the bigger ones like the Fatso though...
Not a fan.  I dont appreciate the crying, the Bible thumping and the know-it-all attitude about his swing.
Ive actually been really interested in the Bridgestone True Balance but am hesitant to lay down $200 on one without trying it first and I havent found any locally yet. The concept is certainly interesting and it makes a lot of sense in that you can feel the putterhead better because of how light the grip and shaft are by comparison.
Id agree that its a matter of people overestimating.  Also, people tend to take the longest distance theyve ever hit a club and that becomes the norm. I do kind of laugh though when someone who says they only play golf a few times tells me that they hit their 9-iron 150 yards and their driver 320.
I show respect to those who show me respect.  Youve shown me none, thus you get what you get and have no one to blame but yourself.  You can look up all the great quotes that you want in an attempt to make yourself seem superior but the simple fact is that youve had a history of an arrogant, know-it-all attitude where youve made it clear that you know more than anyone else does.Perhaps instead of attacking, insulting and name calling; you should make some clear, valid,...
There isnt 1 answer to this question.  It depends upon the lie, where the flag is and how soft or firm the greens are.  If the ball is sitting up and the greens are soft, I'll pull out my 58 degree, open up the face and hit a flop.  If its a tight lie and theres some room to let let the ball run out, I'll pull out my PW or 9-iron and hit a low little runner.
I always laugh when someone says that because despite his Mizuno love, Crossfield plays a Nike driver and a Ping hybrid.
With how competitive and deep the fields of the PGA Tour are nowdays, I doubt we will see it.
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