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For me, it starts with moving my hands back, dragging the handle, trying to keep the clubface close to the ground as long as possible, like theres a board behind the clubhead that Im trying to push back.
She didnt delete her dog's Instagram account though.
Who wants to watch their signifigant other suck at golf?  If you want to enjoy time on the golf course with your SO, thats great.  Get a set of clubs and play yourself, dont just sit there like a bored housewife who has nothing better to do.Sorry but I think if you cant think of anything better to do together than to watch your husband play golf, perhaps you need to find something more constructive to do with your life.Maybe Im just totally being a hater but it just seems...
Thats debatable.  The problem with people who arent career politicians is that they dont have the connections and they dont understand how things work in Washington.  A lot of it is the connections and friends that you have, the people you have cultivated relationships with and knowing how to work out deals and how to get people to do what you want so that you will help them out with what they want at some point in the future.Trump is used to telling people what to do and...
As much as Id love to see him get nominated and have Clinton shred him in the debates (you think he doesnt have skeletons in his closet that they wouldnt find?), its never going to happen.  Its going to be Jeb Bush vs Clinton and Clinton will win...easily.
I say good for Tiger if its true.  Id nail her too if I had the chance.
Id still play the Deere if I were him.  It seems like its something thats important to him and that he committed to it.
Agree that the best way to handle it is to call the clubhouse and alert them to it.  Theres nothing to say that they wont start acing up again once the range is out of sight and its not as if the ranger is going to shadow them the entire round to make sure they are behaving but you never know and if the ranger does catch them acting up, they might be asked to leave. Unforunately, some people are just idiots and theres not much you can do about that.
I dont know, Chambers Bay has sooooo many issues and its kind of like we're having 2 British Opens this year.
Im fine with ride-along fees.  Its another person taking up space on the course and if someone has a rider, thats another cart or more foot traffic out on the course.  Personally, I dont understand what someone would want to go along with a golfer of average ability and watch them play.  On the courses that I play, theres quite a few wives who tag along with their husbands when they play.  None of the husbands are all that good and Ive even see instances where the women...
New Posts  All Forums: