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Just wondering about something I have noticed lately. My ball flight tends to be what I would say is a penetrating ball flight. Not to high, and I get that whistle alot as the ball flies away. Lately I have played with a few people who's ball flight is just ridiculously high to me. It seems like the ball is just hundreds of feet in the air. I am just wondering if I am doing something wrong, is there a preferred ball flight, or is it just everyone has their own.
9 times out of 10 I play as a single and my biggest problem is staying focused when paired with players who have poor etiquette. When someone is constantly walking in my line, cursing at every shot because that is "not how i normally play" etc, I just completely lose focus. It is terrible
The course I usually play is $27 on weekends and $25 during the week for residents. I think it is around $45 for non resident. I prefer to walk so that is no cart. I also occasionally will play some courses that are nicer for anywhere from 50-75 a round. Anything over that though is a once a season indulgence.
I have a regular flex with mid kick in my driver and my drives are typically around 260-280 but no roll at all. The ball flight is pretty high and wherever it lands it sticks. Over the weekend I tried a friends driver who has a stiff shaft, and got a much more penetrating ball flight that carried the same distance but got a bunch more roll. Is there any kind of formula on what swing speed = in driving distance?
Although though I have played on and off for a few years, this is the first year I tried to seriously improved. My handicap has gone from probably mid to high 20s to 18.5 (official). The beginning of the season I was lucky to hit a fairway or 2 and if I got a GIR I was thrilled. A par a round was the goal. Now I am hitting around 50% of fairways, and my misses are just barely off. I hit 5-6 GIR a round, and get 2-3 pars a side. A huge diffrence for me but I am hoping...
I was reading Golf My Way, and it talked alot about playing a fade or draw and percentages. My last few times out I have been trying to play a fade, but I just can't seem to get it right. I either hit it straight or to much of a fade. Is it really worth it to work on this or should I just play comfortable and try to hit it straight. I know it is all about practice and getting the set up right. I have finally got to the point where I have my driver set up perfect and...
Just a quick question on difficulty. I play Montauk regularly and I am comfortable playing out there, but I would really like to play the black. The reputation of the Black though intimidates me. My question is the black that much more difficult then montauk? If I can shoot low 90s at montauk should I be comfortable playing the black?
My personal pet peeve is people who need to play from the tips when they have no business playing from there. If your not a single digit handicap there is no reason. I played behind a group who played from the tips the other day, Every par 3, they came up short. Every whole they were looking for their ball at least 200 yards off the green. If you cant make par from the regular tees dont play from the tips!
I didnt read through the whole thread, so I don't know if this has been mentioned yet. But if you have a bad shot, get upset about it, for 10 steps. Then it is over. The ball is where it is and start to focus on that shot. I saw Tiger say his dad taught him this. You get that frustration out, and be done with it. That tip did wonders for my game. Once I get through being pissed, I start thinking how can I make this shot without killing my score. Last nite I hit one in...
Recently, after getting to where I was shooting low 90s every round, I feel like I have regressed, but it is only happening on the front 9. My last few times out my front nines have been mostly 6s and 7s with a few 5s maybe. Then I tear it up on the back nine (for me, not for low handicapper! ). Last nite I shot a 55 on the front nine, and ended up with a 44 on the back. Anyone else have anything similiar? I am thinking it might be happening because I am trying to...
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