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After reading the post about a new driver or GPS and the fact I have been reading too much on all of the new drivers coming out...  How long do the majority of golfers keep using a driver?  I understand the argument of if it ain't broke... And I get the "want the latest and greatest"... But, I am looking for honest answers concerning tech advances and so on. 
I got my email today, has anybody got the club yet?
If you love it, send it in to the custom shop and get it "pimped"!! (No disrespect to any actual pimps on this board.)
Just curious, did you find your cover?
I like to read it about once or twice a year.
That, my friend, is a great idea!
Check the Cameroncollector.com, somebody there will sell you one!
Welcome to the forum. I haven't played much in Indy. Would like to, but haven't yet.
Pretty good, I fell asleep before it came on. Thanks for posting.
Average 150, the max is 162.
New Posts  All Forums: