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When your dog is named Birdie (guilty) Your favourite number is your lowest score on 18 holes. You look at applications online for applying for a job at Titleist or other golf companies. You go to the local golf store at the simulator at night or during the winter to "stay sharp" You have a net in the backyard to hit balls into. Your basement can be referred to as "mini Golf Town" with all your old merchandise. You have tried playing golf under water with...
Before today, my previous low score was 81. I am playing a weekly round with my father and brother. JUust another day playing. On the range, feels the same. Hit a good shot, hit a bad one, etc. We go to the course and i birdie the first hole. Long story short, i played the round of my life. Never in ym three year golf career has my game all coem together at once. One day, my driver is off. the next its my putting. Im sure many casual golfers can relate to this feeling....
Welcome. Scotty usually gives out Christmas Cards. Only if you have been good.
Could not have said it better myself Mini. Im sure you did not mean all teenagers act like those teens in the store, but you must admit, you were very quick to judge with "modern day teens". Instead of damaging public property and doing drugs, I am golfing and learning. I guess i am a minority?
Isn't Henrik Stenson around 6'6?
As a 17 year old, i find your comment very biased. Modern Day teens? Those kids are just retarted. That has no reflection on me. Can i say old men are quick to assume all teens are idiots?
If anyone can top this i will be very suprised. My buddy threw his 5 wood onto the freeway in anger. or should i say "Slipped out of his hands". LMAO. Funniest thing ever. Like all golfers, we finished our round until we were approached by the head pro and a cop holding a golf club broken into 8 pieces. We actually invited the cop to play the next day. Still laugh out loud to this day.
I have a golf buddy who is great to play with. He is a great pal and sometimes acts liek a total jackass on the course. i don't care that he acts funny because i honestly love it. Anyway, he is a very skilled golfer with a 2 handicap. Always encouraging to my game liek "nice shot" or "good ball" after some shots of mine. I have nothign to complain about with this guy EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO BETTING If we play a round for a $4 beer, he is all of a sudden the most...
i don't know how you guys don't keep track of your score. Mine is in my head constantly. I find golf you improve very fast, and then you hit a plateau. Once you hit a stage in your game when your shooting a consistent score, you need to practise more/harder etc to break that stage. wether its breaking 100, 90, 80, etc. You hit stages in your game, and its harder to improve that stroke after every level. Anyone understand what im tryin to say?
My goal this year is to break 80. I have been so close several times but this was the worst. Standing on the 16th tee, 6 over par on a par 72 course. i then proceed to finish with bogey bogey bogey. for a nice 9 over 81. Perhaps i am not mentally ready to break this score, although the whole round i was feeling really good. Hitting greens, fairways, gettin up and down. I thought today was the day. I felt i had to rant on here. I just wanna see that 7* score.
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