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Three horizontal red dots over the 'Titleist'. I chose this as it is easy to do and it matches the red dots on my Scotty really nicely.
Yes, it is a 'Road Runner'. I won't wear any other shoe for distance running. They are not as popular as some, but I think they are better shoes. Kinda like their irons, not a big market share, but a better product none the less.
I sent mine into Scotty to have it done right. The place that I bought mine fron only had a 35" and 34". I prefer the 33". So I bought one and sent it into the custom shop. I had it cut to 33", re-gripped, and put the extra heavy weights in the head. I switched from a mallet to a blade and I really like the extra mass in the head, so a straight shaft cut would have been a step in the wrong direction for me. Also, the idea of shortening the putter length and...
I carry 4 wedges. 60*, 56*, 52*, & PW.
Looks nice, but I can't justify that kind of money right now. Maybe next year.
I would add a 64* wedge, a strong 3 wood, a 2 iron (just for fun), and a 5 or 6 iron hybrid for chipping. Or maybe that Odyssey chipper. I imagine that you would see a lot of creativity in people's bags.
I have a set of MP-14's that I love, but I don't know if that would qualify as modern. I just love the entire Mizuno line-up. Although, I think that the Miura blades are as nice a looking iron as I have ever seen. I have yet to hit them though.
The other day I shot a 69. This is the first time under par for me. It was a par 70 course, so I got the added bonus of a round in the 60's. My ball striking was as usual for late season form, but i putted brilliantly. everything that didn't go in the hole was within 18 inches. No three putts on the day, and three drained from outside 20 feet. Putting is usually my nemesis, but after a half a dozen rounds and several hours on the practice green I think that I am...
The tour version has a shaft upgrade and is $200 more expensive. Really nice driver, but I got better performance out of a MP-600 which cost $399 instead of $599. I know that people are all into the new shaft technology lately, so that may be your thing.
Don't overlook the Mizuno MP-600. I personally hit it further and straighter than the Taylormade Tour TP that I had my heart set on when I went to the store. It was $200 cheaper as well. Just go and hit several and you may find one that surprises you.
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