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I would get the blades if anything. I thing there is that attraction to play the same clubs as the best player in the world, but I don't think that they are a better iron than some of the sets i have in the closet. I think that they would be fun to hit, but I don't think that I will actually go out and get a set.
My lob wedge is the most used club in the bag, other than the putter and maybe the driver. I use it from 80 yards and in as long as I don't have to keep it low. I could probably use another wedge for chipping and other situations, but I have been using the lobbie for several years now and I am more comfortable with the loft of it. It is very versatile for me. I tried to switch around to the 52 for the chips and such, but I blade that way more frequently than is normal...
I have an old set of Mizuno MP-14 irons that are mostly used on the practice range that I really love. If I didn't have so much invested in my MP-57 set, I would surely have the MP-14s in the bag. The MP-29 irons are really nice as well. Actually, since Mizuno makes the world's finest irons, you really can't go wrong with any of their offerings. When Tiger was making his way up the ranks he used a 're-labeled' Mizuno. If you scour the pawn shops then I am sure that...
Mizuno makes the best irons in the world, and with your handicap I think that you will easily be able to handle them. I got mine when I was about a 12 or 13 handicap. With the feedback they provided to me and the swing changes that I then was able to make, I have pulled that number down to around a 5 or 6. This iron has helped my game so much, not by masking my swing faults, but by helping me to improve my swing. The feel is truly amazing. And there is a good bit of...
Best round ever! I finally broke 70. I shot a 69 on a par 70. This was my first round under par. I don't thing my ball striking was extra good, yet I chipped better than normal and I made putts from everywhere. I am finally getting the feel of that Scotty Cameron. This round followed up an even par 72 the last round that I played.
Driver: 285 4 Wood: 235 3 Iron: 195 4 Iron: 180 6 Iron: 165 7 Iron: 150 8 Iron: 135 9 Iron: 125 Pitching Wedge: 115 Gap Wedge: 105 Sand Wedge: 90 Lob Wedge: 80
Usually about 6 to 12, not including practice balls and finders.
I agree, it is a cool game. Although, I am not quite adept at it yet. I find that I die a lot. I can't wait to get to the space stages, they look really fun.
Traditional. I tried the other types, but don't care for them.
I bought new irons and that helped me figure out that I had been hitting everything off of the toe. I love the feedback of my MP-57's. Now I have really consistent ball flight and contact, and have shaved off 3-5 strokes off my handicap. I guess I might call it a minor epiphany.
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