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Mizuno makes a really nice line-up of wedges. The best thing is that they are forged so you get a nice feel off of them. And, isn't the short game all about feel?
I had that happen to my driver head several years ago. I just took the shaft and stuck it in my 3 wood. That thing tested out at a X-stiff after that. I didn't need that flex for my swing speed, but I liked the solid feel over the regular flex stock shaft that I did have. I switched to a X-stiff shaft for the Driver so they would match up well together. I got really good with this Driver/3 Wood combo, but they were showing some age after 4 years in the bag and I...
I am not too sure whether or not I could tell the difference in a $900 set and a $300 set assuming they were similarly constructed, i.e. both cast or forged, both players irons or game improvement, etc. I can tell a difference between a forged iron and a cast iron. I can tell a huge difference between a players iron/blade and a game improvement iron.
I can't wait to get out and play this ball. I feel that I am the target customer for it as my swing speed is just under 105 with the driver and I love that soft compression feel.
I can't wait to try the new B330 RX. My swing speed is just under 105 and I have been wanting a softer compression ball. I guess I will wait and see how it stacks up to the Pro V1 I currently use.
I am currently 30. Till January, that is.
I carry neither. I considered a 2 iron, but the MP-57 doesn't have one, so I got a 4 wood instead.
Maybe once or twice a month. I think that I have played about 10 rounds of golf this year. It is not much, but I guess that comes with having a baby. Maybe when I finish college in a couple of years I can get more course time.
Send it to Scotty! It will cost you though. Mine was $299 from Edwin Watts, but after shipping and Custom Shop fees it has totaled to about a $715 putter. I had the works done to it though. I had it cut down, weight added, new head cover, new premium grip, new paintfill, and certification. I am still waiting for it to get back, but I really don't think that I will be disappointed.
If I was to get a second set in that range, I would get an older set of blades. There is a golf shop near my university that sells older sets. They don't do a full refinish, but they clean them up, buff them and put some new grips on them. They come with persimmon woods and all. I figure that if I could hit these clubs then I could hit anything. To answer the OP's question, I am not really sure what is good in that price range, except maybe something off ebay. Good...
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