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I have gone back to my old Rossie 2 while I wait for my Cameron to get back from the custom shop. Some times you just need a different feel.
LOL! That is hilarious. I almost fell off of the couch when I read that. I have wide feet, but nowhere near that wide. Just 1E.
That's what she said. LOL!
I found the Project X's to produce a low ball flight. I went with the DG S300 shaft in my MP-57's and I get a nice mid/high ball flight.
Right now I have a stand bag, but I hope to have a Cart/Staff bag within a couple of weeks. I hardly ever walk and if I decide to I will use a push cart. I don't like the bag slipping all over the place so I think that it is time for an upgrade. I will probably get something from the Mizuno line-up so it will compliment my clubs.
I like the Winn Xi7. Soft, yet firm enough, and it grips better if it gets a little wet.
I'll have to try this ball. I really like a soft feeling ball. This may be what I have been looking for.
Steel. I value accuracy over distance any day. Plus, the steel is way more durable than the graphite.
It looks as if the new MP-52 will have a recessed cavity cut out of the back. It may just be a bad camera angle, but that would be interesting. I won't be getting rid of my 57's for a while though.
There are two lines of Odyssey Black putters. There is the regular Black Series which has a milled face and no insert. Then there is the Black Series i which has an insert. Both lines of putters are made of carbon steel and have Tungsten weights on the back of the putter to get the weight low and away for a higher MOI. At the Edwin Watts here the Odyssey Black putters are $279, so for $20 more I went with the Scotty.
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