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Nike Slingshots are a decent game improvement iron. I recently got rid of a set that I had used for 5 years. They had a wide sole and were very forgiving. I couldn't hit a draw or a fade with these irons, they were just too straight.
Welcome to the site! Mizuno makes the best irons in the world so I would start with demoing them, but don't stop there. Try all the golf clubs that you can and pick the ones that you like the best. Then, have them fitted. The staff at the store should be qualified to perform a fitting. This is the most important thing that you can do when purchasing a new set of irons. Plus, the cost of the fitting is usually deducted from the price of a new set. Enjoy the...
I am looking at getting a new bag as my old one has about 7 years of wear on it. I am curious as to the benefits and drawbacks of owning a staff bag. I almost always take a cart (either ride or push cart), so the weight of it is not my biggest concern. I guess I am wondering if anyone has had problems with a bag being too bulky? Maybe too big to fit in a car trunk or something? Any feed back is appreciated. I am considering a Mizuno Staff bag, or maybe an Ogio. Any...
The 67's would be a good choice. I thought about getting them, but I like a high trajectory on my irons, so I went with the 57's. Either way, you can't go wrong with a Mizuno.
I would just get a new shaft. The proper shaft can change the trajectory quite a bit. I think that you would do well with a stiff shaft. I don't know specific shafts too well, but I suggest that you find one that has low torque. I think this will help you with that fade a little bit.
Thanks all, I guess that I will stick with my ProV1's for now. Maybe when I run out I will look into experimenting with a new ball. It may take some time as I have not lost a ball in a few rounds.
I hated the Nike shoes that I used to have. They fell apart after only a few rounds. I stuck with them for a couple of seasons and just accepted that they were not waterproof like they were supposed to be. When the sole fell off I figured that it was time to get some new shoes. The Nike's also didn't wear well after a few holes. They were comfortable in the store, but after a little course time they would hurt my feet, and that is while riding in a golf cart. I...
That's just a bit too far for me. LOL
It was a short par 4 and I think that I scored an 8 or 9, en route to a 175 first round total. I will never forget that wonderful day.
While I was being fitted The guy showed me the difference a flat and an upright lie. He told me that I would need to go at least 3* upright and I proceeded to ask him if it really made that much difference. He handed me the same iron that was 2* flat and I consistently hit a hard fade. He then handed me one that was 3* upright and I found that slight draw that I was trying to hit. I already knew that I was going to be upright, but being fitted for shaft flex and length...
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