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I have a Divvy that I will never get rid of. It is a brand of divot repair tool, with a magnetic ball marker attached. My ball marker is of Sound of Freedom Golf Course aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. I was stationed there and spent countless hours on the base course. It was there that I really developed my golf game.
I have only had it a couple of days, and it's not that strange, but I get a double take when people see that I have a 4 wood. I guess that they are not all that common, and most people use a 3 wood.
Heath was the better Joker. Although he did benefit from a mush better script. I thought that Jack Nicholson could have done a better job in the other Batman if he was given a better script. It was just a different style of movie.
What is the softest feeling ball that you have played? I currently play a Titleist ProV1, but I was wondering if there is anything else out there that is just as soft for less money, or actually softer than the ProV1. I am not worried about distance or spin, just that nice soft feel. Only current balls, no old Balatas, hehe.
I went back to Titleist because I could never get a straight answer on which Taylormade ball is the spinnier ball. I really prefer to have a soft feel. I don't necessarily want the spin, but I do like the softness of the ProV1.
I think that almost all Ping irons are ugly, so I would rather use a Titleist. However, I doubt that either one would replace my Mizuno's
Taylormade makes a fine wood. I demoed the Tour Burner TP, but I just hit the Mizuno MP-600 a bit better and more consistently.
Definitely get the MP-57's. They are very solid. You get good feedback from these irons, but they are quite forgiving as well. My swing has improved since purchasing these irons. I love that Mizuno feel!
I just got a Mizuno F-60 4 wood that I can hit just fine off the deck. I went with the 4 wood to fill the yardage gap better, but the F-60 3 wood is nearly identical. Very solid clubs. Off the tee it works very nice as well.
I recommend the Mizuno wedges. They are forged and have a great feel. Plus, I get a huge amount of spin out of mine compared to my old 588's, but not so crazy as to pull everything back off of the green. They have that legendary Mizuno buttery feel similar to their irons.
New Posts  All Forums: