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Scotty Camerons putters are American Made! I know it is not a whole set of clubs, but it is all that I can think of right now.
I saw a golf tournament on TV years ago and I was really impressed that these guys could be so accurate from so far away. I mean, these guys were hitting balls inside of 10 feet from over 100 yards away. That made me want to give the game to try. I lived in Florida at the time near a bunch of courses, but my parents said that we couldn't afford it. I never actually got to try the game till I turned 15 and lived in Tennessee. I finally convinced my mom to let me rent...
Mizuno makes the best irons on the world, in my opinion. I love my MP-57's! I would recommend that you go with the Mizunos.
I just got a new fairway wood, although not a 3 wood. I went with a 4 wood. It is 16.5* and a touch shorter shaft. It filled the gap between the driver and 3 iron better for me than a three wood and it was a little more forgiving as there was more loft to it, and I am only giving up about 5 or 6 yards in distance. By the way, it is a Mizuno F-60. Very nice club!
Enjoy those new sticks. I hope they work out for you.
Blades will be able to work the ball better and have a wonderful feel when you hit the sweet spot. However you will be severely punished when you mis-hit them. I am thinking of getting an old set of blades just to use from time to time on the range. I don't know if I have the confidence to actually play them, though. I would say go ahead and get a set. Keep your old irons in case the blades are just too much.
I just went to a Driver and 4 Wood set-up. I am not giving up too many yards with the 4 wood and I could control it better than the 3 wood that I demoed. I think that your set-up is fine.
I would recommend the MP-57 irons. A lot of people may say that you game is not quite ready for them yet, but I think that if you continue to work at it these irons will be great and will suit you for a very long time.
I believe that there is less draw bias in the Tour Burner. It is not a fade bias, just not as severe of a draw bias.
Yes, I will play in the rain as long as it's not too heavy. I will not play if there is any lightning.
New Posts  All Forums: