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I have only eagled on par 5's.
I use the Titleist ProV1 and the Taylormade TP Black.
I haven't played them, but if I were to get a second set of irons, they would be the ones I would go with. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love the look of a true muscle-back blade. I actually heard a rumor that Tiger was using Mizuno irons stamped with Titleist when he first turned pro.
I used a set of the original Slingshot irons for 4 or 5 seasons till this year. I really loved them at first. I hit them straight as an arrow no matter where on the clubface I hit it. This also happens to be the same reason that I replaced them. I wanted a club with a little more feedback. I now know where I hit the ball off of the clubface and I know how to correct it. I would really like to try the new VR irons. Those things look HOT! I did try the Sumo2, but it...
I got Stan Utley's books: The Art of Putting, and The Art of the Short Game.
I recently got rid of some hybrids when I got my new irons. I could hit my 4 hybrid as far as I could a 3 iron, maybe further. And I hit my 3 hybrid almost as far as my 3 wood. I would think that maybe a 2 or 3 hybrid would be a good club for you. I think that you could get the extra distance that you are looking for as well as some forgiveness and consistency over a 3 iron.
I would like to look through the book and get what information that I could out of it. I don't think the straight back-straight through method sounds very natural to me. I am more of the Stan Utley school (open-square-closed). However, I would like to own this book just for all of the extra information that is contained.
I hit my 3 iron about 200-210 yards. I normally don't pull it on par 4's, but I do hit it off the tee as there are a couple of long par threes at a local course. Most of the use is out of the fairway on Par 5's, or to punch under trees. The three is a very versatile club in my bag. I have even considered getting a 2 iron, but I can't decide which club to drop if I did.
I have seen some really extensive collections on puttertalk.com, but I am not interested in collecting these things. I might get a cool one some day that catches my eye, but I am not paying some crazy price for it.
I love mine. I think it looks amazing. And if you want to alter it a bit then you can send it into the Studio shop and have some customization work done, including putting your name on it or adding some more weight. I wasn't a big Cameron fan till this putter came out. Very solid and looks great. I love the three big red Cherry Bombs! Get one, you won't regret it.
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