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I would try to fade a 4 iron in there. That would be the safe play for me.
Sounds to me like you are topping the ball. It may be getting some air as the ball is bouncing off of the turf and rolling a bit. First of, just relax. You may be putting extra pressure on yourself as you know that tryouts are soon. Concentrate on keeping your head down. When I start looking to see the ball I start hitting thin shots. You could also practice some chipping. A chip is just a shorter version of the full swing. If you are hitting your chips well, then...
The Winn PCI have a nice feel to them. When I re-grip next year they will be on my short list.
The Mizuno MP-57 is a great players iron that has a good amount of forgiveness to it. The Sand Trap has done a really nice review on the irons, and actually convinced me to give them a try. The players irons gave me the feedback that I needed to be able to make swing corrections and I am now a much better and more consistent golfer. With a players iron you will get consistent trajectories, which has helped me control distance and ball flight. If you think that you can...
The Black Series i putter is made of 1025 carbon steel and is a milled head. The White Hot XG putter is a cast head. I'm not sure if the inserts are different or not.
More loft will create more spin all else being equal: same type of wedge, same grooves, contact on the same part of the club face, same ball, same swing, etc. However, I think that the difference in spin between those two lofts is fairly minimal, if you can even tell at all. I can spin all my wedges well, if I have a good lie. I just pick a different wedge for the amount of carry and trajectory that I need.
You also forgot the Mizuno MP-600. For me it performed the best. Tight dispersion, accurate, and long.
I like Phil and I can't help but pull for him to come out of that slump. That being said, he has not shown me anything and I don't see this as his week.
I took over a year off from the time my wife was seven months pregnant till the baby was 11 months old. I think it has helped my golf game so much. It has helped me put everything into perspective. My family comes first for me, then my education, and golf is somewhere further down the list. I play the game more with my mind now then before. I do have some new irons and wedges that have helped me with my swing, but the fact that I play the game smarter now, don't get...
The Bettinardi putters that I tried all felt good, but a little light. I prefer a heavy putter and the Scotty Cameron Studio Select has interchangeable weights so that was an important factor for me. Otherwise, I would have probably gone with a Bettinardi or a Yes.
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