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I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver”!".   Garcia, Sergio    -4 Kaymer, Martin  -1 Langer, Bernhard  E
I would add staring down a name-brand down the stretch in a big event.  This is how David Toms got on the radar, via staring down Mick at the PGA, or YE staring down Tiger.
Favorites:  David Toms (golfer from my hometown that's NOT arrogant....other one comes off as such)                 Tiger  (the great one)                 Ernie Els (just seems smooth)   Least:        Bubba Watson (manufactured, whiner)                  Keegan Bradley (last week's tussle put it over the top)                  Patrick Reed (this could change, though)   R.I.P. Calvin Peete       
Generally speaking 3.  If the grass is tight and there are no obstructions, I'll break out the hybrid.  For thicker grass, a PW.  And for a shot with carry over a bunker or to a back pin, SW.
You would be surprised what a wager as small as a hot dog after the round will do to prep you for tournament golf.
Everybody that's telling you to play in tournaments is correct. (Played 2 years in college, but at my best I was only a 4/5 on my team).  That being said, start local and build your confidence, b/c in a state like CO, you could go play in your state juniors and run into some kids that can shoot high 60's every round with their eyes closed.  Also, find you a course that's at least 6800 yards.  If you can consistently shoot sub 80, then you're making progress.
23 players shot 80 or above?????  Means a good day for me on that track I might not break 100 lol
If I Win I'll choose the Grey DTX Pure to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!".   LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN -9 Keegan Bradley -11 Eldrick Woods -7
They have one here in Dallas this weekend.  It is good to keep your Golf Digest subscription refreshed.  Other than that.....bunch of timeshare or vacation advertisers, though Golfsmith and Edwin Watts used to have a decent selection.  Not sure who thinks it's a good idea to close on the first day (Friday) at 6PM, but oh well.
A course I used to play on the regular has a hole that is similar:  (10, pictured below 500 yd par 5).  Have to carry water off the tee, but 2 area of water is roughly 240 to reach off the tee, 310 to carry.  I normally would hit 4i, 4i, 9i/Wedge to do the job.  
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