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If I Win I'll choose the Grey DTX Pure to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!".   LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN -9 Keegan Bradley -11 Eldrick Woods -7
They have one here in Dallas this weekend.  It is good to keep your Golf Digest subscription refreshed.  Other than that.....bunch of timeshare or vacation advertisers, though Golfsmith and Edwin Watts used to have a decent selection.  Not sure who thinks it's a good idea to close on the first day (Friday) at 6PM, but oh well.
A course I used to play on the regular has a hole that is similar:  (10, pictured below 500 yd par 5).  Have to carry water off the tee, but 2 area of water is roughly 240 to reach off the tee, 310 to carry.  I normally would hit 4i, 4i, 9i/Wedge to do the job.  
The Big Box stores have muscled out the independent stores around here.  For instance, there's a small, independent store about a 1/2 mile from my old office, but there's also a Sports Authority, PGA Tour Superstore and GolfSmith within a mile radius.  Overall, I favor Golfsmith.
Online, particularly GolfNow, if it's a spur of the moment round.  If I'm planning a round out, like knowing today (Tuesday) we can get out Saturday, I'll call the shop directly.
There's one the next exit up the toll road from my house.  It's real cool for team outings, birthdays, or just to get out with a group of friends.  It doesn't replace the feel of a real golf course though and at $40/hour, I probably wouldn't recommend it for solo practice.
I'm still an advocate for bringing a US Open or PGA to the Southwest.  Our part of the country has fine courses and is an afterthought when it comes to these events.  If it's too hot, toss us a bone, like a Ryder or Presidents Cup. 
Tiger's record in majors is only rivaled by his epic grudge-holding .  Nothing to see here.
I've never been on a buddies trip but I'm doing one in October.  Wondering if anyone on here has shipped clubs to the location instead of paying for baggage fees.  Also trying to get reviews of services that ship clubs.  Any help would be appreciated.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330-S golf balls.   1)  Jimmy Walker -12 2)  Webb Simpson -10 3)  David Toms      -11
New Posts  All Forums: