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I'm still an advocate for bringing a US Open or PGA to the Southwest.  Our part of the country has fine courses and is an afterthought when it comes to these events.  If it's too hot, toss us a bone, like a Ryder or Presidents Cup. 
Tiger's record in majors is only rivaled by his epic grudge-holding .  Nothing to see here.
I've never been on a buddies trip but I'm doing one in October.  Wondering if anyone on here has shipped clubs to the location instead of paying for baggage fees.  Also trying to get reviews of services that ship clubs.  Any help would be appreciated.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330-S golf balls.   1)  Jimmy Walker -12 2)  Webb Simpson -10 3)  David Toms      -11
What's the best public course to play in the Cape Cod area?  I'll be there on vacay next week and will need to scratch my itch.  I'll be able to move around, but don't want to get lost just to play golf?  Any advice will be put to good use.
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver!   Westwood -7 Jimenez    -4 Woods     -4
A lot of times, an open qualifier is an opportunity to play a premium course that you otherwise would not have the chance to play.  Me personally, the risk of embarrassing myself outweighs my desire to play somewhere like Old American (where the local qualifier was around here) or a TPC type course.
Sergio Garcia  -4 Angel Cabrera  -2 Steve Stricker -1   .....the Wagon has spoken, please continue with your day
This is year 2 for the N. TX Shootout, it was very tame compared to the Nelson (I work 5 min from both)
I use one and I'd definitely recommend using one, especially if you tend to use your wrists a lot during your stroke.  At least for me, it helps me in keeping the putter face square.
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