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Shocked of how few mentions were made of the 'man in Red'.  However, I'll add in one more for Bubba with Keegan trying to chase him down the backstretch.
I liken Patrick Reed to another athlete that due to a post-game comment created two factions.....we'll call him 'Richard'.  We need people on tour like him.  He also has a Shooter McGavin type quality to him. 
I'd research the business model of TopGolf. (www.topgolf.com)  Instead of simulators, it is a heated range with a bar area and the like.  For a bay, they charge $40/hour during peak times.   Bar area is a normal sized bar so it would be larger than you are imagining.  We have 3 of these in the metro area (so far).  Seems like a good idea though, especially in the northern areas.  Good luck.
I'd say partly cloudy and mid 70s would be ideal.  Coincidentally, we had this weather on Saturday......then the next day temps were in the 20s with sleet.  Go figure
Masters......close 2nd would be the Open.  Any day you can wake up watching major championship golf is good in my books.
In this order: (Played college golf for 2 years)   Tournaments/Courses Played Scores Academics (because college golf requires a lot of time management) Swing
Pound for Pound, I give the DFW my vote
Here in the DFW, the average price with no discounts or anything like that is usually about $45-60.  I myself utilize GolfNow and other tools to knock the price down. With so many options (for instance within a 10 mi radius of my house, there are at least 8 different public tracks), joining a private club probably won't cross my mind anytime soon.
Zach is not a good example, he looks like a dork always.....but I'm in favor of shorts if for the only reason that it may open up the slim opportunity that a major may come to the Southwest (playing golf in slacks in mid August in Houston/Dallas is not the most comfortable thing)
Give me Ernie's.....always thought it was so smooth yet powerful
New Posts  All Forums: