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Though I am not a huge fan of Tiger, I refuse to cast stones from my glass house as it pertains to his cussing and/or other forms of behavior. I like to see a little emotion from him anyways. For those saying that his acts rub off on kids, I go to the quote from noted golfer of ill repute Charles W. Barkley "Athletes shouldn't be role models....parents are".
Vijay @ 7 under
Hmm, I'm watching the stream from tnt.tv (think it links to the IBM one), and it works fine.
I only caught about 5 min before heading out to work and saw it taking up the full screen on TNT HD instead of the normal non-HD 4x3 when it's like that....
It's in HD...at least from what I saw this morning on TNT
For laughs I go Happy Gilmore...nothing beats that big guy chasing down Shooter Mcgavin Lol. Serious golf move....I'm partial to Bagger Vance.
I'm voting yes on this one. The pro's being unable to use them is a faulty argument at best and can almost be manipulated to support the use of rangefinders IMO. It doesn't slow down play either, as I played a round yesterday with another guy, both of us had Skycaddies and we finished in around 3 hrs. And lastly, if one knows where to look, price is not really an argument. I bought a slightly used one for $100....if you can go out and spend $45 on a dozen balls, you...
senorchipotle poses an interesting query. Just by looking at last week's course, the ladies basically play from the Blue tees (bout 6800 yds) with a slope of 139. I think Michelle would lick the majority of regular amateurs based off that alone.
LOL I like that. Honestly I'm more of a Crown drinker, but Crown and Texas heat are not exactly a good look
My goal is always to break 80. If I'm out of that range, I'll have a beer at that point (Coors Lt. preferably), but if I'm close to the 80 mark, I'll hold off til the end.
New Posts  All Forums: