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I may try that golf logix out on my phone as soon as they come out with a version for the Pre
Scumbag....low life pos....that's a bit harsh chief. Scumbag's are people who kill people, hit women and try to hurt kids. People who try to get over are exactly that....people that try to get over. This time Mr. Thorpe got caught. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson but I will not be the one to cast aspersions as if I've never made a mistake....unlike others.
My main hangup is the subscription fee really. I kinda don't want to pay $50 just so I can have the right to download some courses back home in LA. If SkyGolf had a deal where you could download any course in a state neighboring your home state for say....$40, I'd be cool....and if their customer service was a little better too.
Need some advice here....should I renew my SkyCaddie membership or get one of these golf gps apps for my phone. Has anyone tried out both and can offer some sort of review on the performance. Thx, aints fan stuck in the Metroplex
500 for 1 round, no replays is too much IMO. But at least having Pebble as a routine host for USGA events gives you something to chase after goal-wise
Since "TigerGate" has snowballed so much in the past few weeks, I'm coming up with this theory...hear me out. Billy Payne will not so gently coerce Tiger into sitting out the Masters. Since I can't see him playing in a Major right out the gate and for the purposes of this discussion, I'm considering the Players' a major, I'm going with this.... 3 pts for Charlotte (different but not too outrageous from the other posters)
uttexas mentioned a good course with this feature that's around here, site of my strangest golf moment. They have a long par 4, at least 445 where I cracked my tee ball OB, but still got a par by holing out from 180 yds out.
Even though I have criticized Mr. Woods for not playing in Texas anymore, I will not cast stones as others have. Hope he takes this time to take care of what's most important. On another note, I wonder if Vegas will be taking bets on when he'll return to the tour (j/k.....kinda) My money would go on Bay Hill if anyone cares.
I honestly think this is something I could really do in order to help youngsters out...even use some of the connections I gained from playing golf in college to help kids get scholarships. My question is, how can one get their foot in the door, even on a volunteer basis? Do you need any special certifications outside of the normal certifications to teach? If anyone has any advice, please pass it on. Thx.
Somedays it clicks...for instance I'm a 9.5 at the moment but on Friday I shot 36-44 on a course that's a 71.9/132 rating. Would've been better, but I got hungry on the back 9 & finished bogey, double, double. BTW, when the Buckeyes are ready to play an SEC school in the football, then we can discuss that as well...
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