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You'll like both of the Sherrill Park courses. Now that zipping around...that's a different story, good luck with that. I prefer Firewheel actually, especially the Lakes course...it's only 5-10 minutes East of Sherrill Park and about the same price give or take $5
My question concerns this: Why do a lot of tournaments require that you have a GHIN handicap and frown upon other systems? I have my handicap through a course that does not use GHIN and I like everything about it, but what I want to know is what's so special about GHIN? Some may say, just pay the extra $ and find a GHIN club, but it's not a $ issue this time...just a general inquiry
Sorry for your loss....btw, I'm not originally from TX, from Louisiana, where we know a thing or two about almost losing professional events (i.e. Saints, Hornets, Jazz, etc.)
2 things....1) The women tend to be painfully slow. I watched as Cristie Kerr hit a shot. She did the following....check wind, grab a club, 2 practice swings, check wind again, grab another club, 2 more practice swings, chit chat with caddie about yardage, then hit. After seeing this, I tend to be inspired to either walk up and play or take a nap. 2) Personalities....the Asians seem to be very bland. Probably has to do with the language barrier, but I believe they...
While this thread has basically turned into a catfight, I'll comment on the original premise. The Buick Open has seemed like a blah type event for quite a while. Without the GOAT being under Buick's sponsorship, it may very well have been gone or moved sooner. That being said....as far as the moving/Lee Janzen issue, be glad it was Lee and not the GOAT/Stevie, they would've given you a glare that could do open heart surgery, then possibly had you kicked off the...
Any rivalry where losing to that one team too many times can cost you a job goes in my book. To that end, I'll go with Auburn/Alabama in college football
I call BS on this one here. So he needs a new coach after missing a single cut, but finishing top 10 in every other event, and having the most wins on tour for the season to date??? I'm not seeing it.
Though I am not a huge fan of Tiger, I refuse to cast stones from my glass house as it pertains to his cussing and/or other forms of behavior. I like to see a little emotion from him anyways. For those saying that his acts rub off on kids, I go to the quote from noted golfer of ill repute Charles W. Barkley "Athletes shouldn't be role models....parents are".
Vijay @ 7 under
Hmm, I'm watching the stream from tnt.tv (think it links to the IBM one), and it works fine.
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