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Hmm kinda like using soda to clean your car battery terminals of corrosion. Might keep that in the back of my mind.
I'm kinda like a lot of the other posters, I like the guys from my hometown....so that would equal David Toms and Hal Sutton. I also like Anthony Kim too just because of his attitude.
Wow, harsh comments there sir. Let's go through what was accomplished today:1) Did he apologize, yes2) Did he give his detractors more ammo.....YES3) Will his fans give him a 2nd chance based on today....yes4) Could all that was done today, been accomplished via his website.....yepSo, in short.....this was 13 minutes of nothingness, but hey, the coffee I drank while watching went down smooth :)
1) Work on balance 2) Once weather gets normal, at least 2 visits to range a week 3) Get a real lesson 4) At least 1 round below 75 (last yr's low round, 78) 5) Re-establish GHIN handicap and keep it at 8 or below
Sign me up too
I went last night (mainly for the "free" Nelson ticket) and it was ok at best. Most of the real golf stuff was on the perimeter where the middle was definitely 80% non-golf related. Did see some Scotty Cameron's there for under $150 so I may go back just to get one. Other than that it was kinda....eh.
I may try that golf logix out on my phone as soon as they come out with a version for the Pre
Scumbag....low life pos....that's a bit harsh chief. Scumbag's are people who kill people, hit women and try to hurt kids. People who try to get over are exactly that....people that try to get over. This time Mr. Thorpe got caught. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson but I will not be the one to cast aspersions as if I've never made a mistake....unlike others.
My main hangup is the subscription fee really. I kinda don't want to pay $50 just so I can have the right to download some courses back home in LA. If SkyGolf had a deal where you could download any course in a state neighboring your home state for say....$40, I'd be cool....and if their customer service was a little better too.
Need some advice here....should I renew my SkyCaddie membership or get one of these golf gps apps for my phone. Has anyone tried out both and can offer some sort of review on the performance. Thx, aints fan stuck in the Metroplex
New Posts  All Forums: