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On occasion, golfers get into trouble via twitter (looking at you Zinger!), normally for acting as if they are out of touch with the 'common man'.  Rarely, do you see 3 gents get in hot water on the same day,...
Some familiar faces with new would be perfect.  Steal Maltbie and/or Feherty away, plug in Duval with Brennaman or someone like Ernie Johnson.
Another forgotten benefit to this.......no more Chris Berman being trotted out like a thoroughbred at a NASCAR race.
I may be in the minority here, but I prefer Joe Buck to Jim Nantz (though it's kinda like saying I prefer the pain of stubbing my toe to a toothache).  Fox didn't mess up when they grabbed the NFL, so I'm sure that this will work....just don't go grab that Chamblee character....can't stomach him.
Instead of 14 comments, it'd be closer to 140 lol
  Seriously Shorty, which of these 2 are you?
Sounds like some gamesmanship to me.  I'd use the art of sarcasm to show that I was not pleased.  This will also assist in helping me to keep my composure so that it won't affect me later in the round.
Around these parts, Texas Star and Grapevine can put up a fight with any muni you can think of IMO.
It's all about line of sight for me, though I tend to stand still off to the side.
The thing with Bubba is that he seems to care so much about how his image is portrayed.....then he has episodes where he's acts quite petulant (see last yr. in France for another example).  I'll readily admit that I don't care for him, not b/c he has blow ups but because he purposely tries to create an image that is probably far from what he really is. 
New Posts  All Forums: