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Sounds like some gamesmanship to me.  I'd use the art of sarcasm to show that I was not pleased.  This will also assist in helping me to keep my composure so that it won't affect me later in the round.
Around these parts, Texas Star and Grapevine can put up a fight with any muni you can think of IMO.
It's all about line of sight for me, though I tend to stand still off to the side.
The thing with Bubba is that he seems to care so much about how his image is portrayed.....then he has episodes where he's acts quite petulant (see last yr. in France for another example).  I'll readily admit that I don't care for him, not b/c he has blow ups but because he purposely tries to create an image that is probably far from what he really is. 
I'm inclined to agree with this. I prefer not to prop up athletes then bring them down, but something about Bubba rubs me the wrong way.  It just seems like he went from a big, petulant golf star to a Mickleson-like image with a southern accent almost immediately (some say Phil's image is a bit manufactured too, but not my point here).
Someone once said winning is the best deodorant.  Bubba has always been like this, it was just the 'deodorant' of a green jacket (with the addition of him carefully crafting his image) that has kept this relatively hidden for the past couple of yrs.
LSU fans have been jaded for about 10 yrs now.  Les is a very good coach IMO.  When I was in HS in Louisiana (late 90's), they were still struggling to get 8 win seasons.  I'm thinking for the national title......somebody not named LSU or A&M will beat Alabama.  For some strange reason, I see it being Ohio St/Oklahoma.
Pretty sure they made most of that back by selling the ad rights/on site tickets at a slightly higher than normal rate as some sort of 'novelty'.
This was quite the 'who can top me' match (could've used another word but I digress) b/t Golfingdad and phan52.  However, getting to the original post, I think Costas was using a bit of hyperbole.  Since events of this type require more 'luxury' accommodations (for people like Costas himself), I'd compare an open at Merion more to having a Super Bowl at Lambeau or an All Star Game in a city like Memphis....places where big events are held, but it's a stretch logistically...
TPC may be too rich for my blood, but the Westin seems reasonable.  Barton Creek, I may save for a trip with the lady.
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