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It's a good number of people on the board from North TX, never had any complaints, so I could try that.  I'm thinking either San Antonio or Austin for starters.
I'm thinking of going on a golf vacation solo due to not having a lot of golfing friends willing to go on a trip of this sort.  Has anybody thought about this or done it before?  Just soliciting some opinions before pulling the trigger.
Maybe a slight re-wording would help, assuming the OP meant playing while there's golf on TV.  And actually the back-nine talk would only apply to the Masters/US Open, since TNT shows early coverage of the PGA.
I'd have to say only a compelling major (I generally DVR majors and go play due to the lack of people on the course) or something historic like a grand slam attempt or Tiger passing Jack.  I have to say only on TV, because the USGA/PGA seems to not like picking venues in the Southwest for their majors  
Can I call BS on this.  If not I will anyway.    Is Woods a saint......NO.  But you have managed to make the old guard seem like deities (despite their own issues) and show your own misguided beliefs or flat out denial of the issue shown to the board.  This takes a special talent, one which I want no part of.
  No.  But my experience with schoolyard joking (or playing the 'dozens', in some circles) lends credence to the following theory:  Those with thin skin will joke about the following more often than not, because they know no better:  1) parents (especially deceased parents)  2) girlfriend/wife 3) stereotypes.  Sergio, one who is known to have not only rabbit ears, but thin skin, fits this mold to a T, much more so than him being out and out raycess (spelled like this on...
  So this means we'll have 2 TPC venues in the Metroplex.....neither of which host a regular tour event and neither of which will even be able to sniff a major.......Nice
Nyet on Sergio.  Golf is one of the few sports where you can have a hard and fast set of rules for the Hall of Fame.  I like the LPGA's point system:   LPGA Tour golfers are eligible through a point system. Since 1999, LPGA members automatically qualify for World Golf Hall of Fame membership when they meet these three criteria: Must be/have been an "active" LPGA Tour member for 10 years. Must have won/been awarded at least one of the following - an LPGA...
I'm looking for any type of suggestions on how to go about starting up a golf league at my office, in particular, getting the word out and soliciting other golfers.  I'm not sure if pinging an HR contact is a good idea and since I don't know too many golfers that work here, this may be the greatest challenge.  Any suggestions about all aspects, though, would be appreciated.
Louisiana Tech University
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