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I'm game if someone wanted to do this in Texas
Odyssey....I've tried other brands but always seem to come back to her in some shape or form.   
I'm not a real big fan of Rome....seems to be purposely polarizing not unlike Cowherd.  To each his own, though.
Different stage.....I'll agree, but Rome has only gone to being a step above another insufferable host, Colin Cowherd.  Using another noted blowhard Stephen A as a comparison point does nothing in my opinion for the argument.  Stern's time probably has passed, but one ill timed comment does not a legacy make.
  Obviously you've forgotten about the 'Chris Evert' incident.  The question Rome asked was of shock value, but Stern should know better in terms of responding in that manner.
Always good to see Mr. Toms in the mix......(shameless hometown plug) this type of event is right up his alley, but he doesn't play as well on bentgrass greens.
I picture 3rd person with lots of cussing...something like this:   P:  Tim, FIGJAM thinks you need to do something about these **** camera phones or else.... T:  You know this is illegal right.... P:  FIGJAM does not care, I'll quit right now if I have to T:   You wouldn't.... P:  You don't know FIGJAM, do you Timmy....
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it think...so long as my pick is not duplicated too much, I should be cool.
Louis Oosthuizen  -2 Phil Mickelson     +1 Ricky Fowler       +2
Based on your $60 max, I'd definitely recommend Grapevine, Frisco Lakes, Westridge, and Texas Star as four to check out.  Also, poke around idealgolfer for some good deals.  
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