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  I tried deleting the software, disabling my antivirus, tried different cables, even tried syncing the thing to my work PC but no dice.  I found some SG5 listings on Ebay for less than the $70 that SkyGolf wants to charge for a refurb SG4, so I may go that route, since it's built differently.
Considering that I would have a kool-aid grin too if I ever had the opportunity to meet theJack, I'll give it a 10
Morning all,   I'm trying to see if anyone knows if the newer SkyCaddie models (SG5 and up) have the same issues as the SG4 with syncing.  I've now got to enter the golf GPS market b/c my SG4, which has been replaced once already, will not sync to a PC and SkyGolf wants me to pay $70 for them to send me a third refurbished unit.  Any advice, even if it's a different brand to consider would be appreciated.
Here's an appropriate answer.....most if not all of us would drool at the prospects of playing with a PGA tour pro, even if it was a boor/jerk like Rory Sabbatini (just going off reputation).  That being said, would I want to play with someone that shoots 82-85, like myself and has a routine that is like Kevin Na's.....that's a negative ghostwriter.
Hunter Mahan (276) Ben Curtis (278) Lee Westwood (279)  
Mine is of a smaller scale:  College football, Louisiana Tech v Hawaii in 2007.  Hawaii ended up going undefeated that year and getting thrashed by UGA in the Sugar Bowl, but my alma mater played an excellent, back and forth game against Hawaii that ended up going to OT.  Had Tech converted on a 2pt conversion in OT, the Hawaii undefeated season never makes it past week 2.
Since I'm an unabashed supporter of all things Louisiana, I'll reserve judgement on how/why something that happened some 8-9 years ago just happens to come out now.  This is just more reason to believe there is really and truly a Super Bowl host jinx.
I can see Bubba getting maybe 1 or 2 more majors, he's really an all or nothing type.  I could see him getting maybe an Open championship, US Open is too penalizing and PGA is a toss-up (this year's venue could suit him though)
Any Texans on here ever played in this.  I'm thinking about this since 1) I'll be cutting back on rounds due to wanting to go to grad school and 2) trying to scratch my competitive itches.  Any feedback would be appreciated.    
LSU is the flagship only because they're the only school in Louisiana that's in the BcS Mafia (phrase trademarked by me).  Alabama's D was nasty though, I will agree  
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