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TNT has been carrying the early coverage for the PGA for quite a while.  CBS and the 'canned' commentary of Jim Nantz has it over the weekend.  
These classic type courses seem to suit Rory well, so I like him.  Also, I like AK's chances.  And as a darkhorse candidate, I'll take the hometown favorite Mr. Toms.
Though I think the 'lockout' was a ploy to stay in the news, football is back.  I predict that this will be a banner year for Louisiana football.  LSU looks mighty strong and if they can get to the "BCS" title game, it'll be a virtual home game.  As for the Saints, I don't think Reggie Bush is a priority to keep, but it would be nice to have him at a reduced rate, say 3-5 mil.  If they can get that and shore up the SS position, I can see them winning a tough NFC South.
If one thought Stevie was gonna take the high road....think again:   http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/golf/14237031.stm   If Tiger knocked the bridge down, Stevie just went out and burned the remains, then spat on it for good measure.
Maybe this will signal a change to Tiger's personality.  I may be in the minority, but I don't recall Tiger being as curt pre-Stevie, but I may be wrong.
No, the ball was outside of the casual water, but full of mud.  I kinda figured I played it the right way (as it lied).  Thx for the insight.  
Morning all,   Ran into a situation that I'm a bit confused on.  Saturday, I played a shot to chase up onto the green, but it hit a puddle of casual water and came to a muddy halt.  Problem is, we haven't had a drop of rain here in over 3 weeks.  My playing partner said I should be able to clean my ball, but me not being sure, I didn't.  My question is, should I have been allowed to clean my ball in this case?
Depending on your cable provider, the ESPN app will have it.    
It appears that Day is a popular choice, but I think one of the Molinari brothers will do the deed.  Also, I expect Sergio to hang around too.  I'll take Kuch as my great American hope.
I kinda figured as much
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