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Depending on your cable provider, the ESPN app will have it.    
It appears that Day is a popular choice, but I think one of the Molinari brothers will do the deed.  Also, I expect Sergio to hang around too.  I'll take Kuch as my great American hope.
I kinda figured as much
The 'announcement' was kinda like a balloon with all the air let out of it.  On another note....is it not ironic that MSchott is being quite defensive towards certain comments when M. Schott (Marge Schott) was one of the most bigoted sports franchise owners of the late 20th century IIRC.  I'm just saying....
I've got a group of guys that plays pretty much every Saturday, and even if they don't...I do.  Just hit me up via PM and we can set something up.
To the OP, what could Vick do to earn your forgiveness....?  As an owner of a dog, I realize this was a vile way to behave.  But I also know that he has lost a lot and basically hit rock bottom.  So, basically, let's see if his remorse is truthful now that the endorsements are coming back.
The backstory:   Since roughly March on thru the present, I have been having an internal battle with my irons that's known as the 'shanks'.  This has caused my HC to go from a 7.9 to a 10.5.  I was almost to the point where I was dreading hitting any iron outside of my sand or gap wedge for fear of a shank.    Yesterday, I felt progress, however.  Played a course that has a slope of 134 and shot 87.  Had it not been for a few putts inside of 4 ft. that I rushed,...
m.ghin.com is what you're looking for.  Won't take more than 2 min to post a round dependent on how's AT&T act's where you're located.
From experience, a knee is never the same after it's been cut on.  Hopefully he can get back for the Open next month, b/c while I'm not a fan per se, I give talent its due.
The video posted on PGATour.com is of the replay Saturday with Jim Nantz doing his best to take Charl's side, allowing the uninformed viewer's opinion to be adjusted by an outside source.  Video on Friday was taken down so I could see the conspiracy theory.  The drop was sketchy, but if allowed to, I'd probably do it too.  
New Posts  All Forums: