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I can see Bubba getting maybe 1 or 2 more majors, he's really an all or nothing type.  I could see him getting maybe an Open championship, US Open is too penalizing and PGA is a toss-up (this year's venue could suit him though)
Any Texans on here ever played in this.  I'm thinking about this since 1) I'll be cutting back on rounds due to wanting to go to grad school and 2) trying to scratch my competitive itches.  Any feedback would be appreciated.    
LSU is the flagship only because they're the only school in Louisiana that's in the BcS Mafia (phrase trademarked by me).  Alabama's D was nasty though, I will agree  
Or......Alabama...the "state" where we can rent a QB for one yr./win a title after getting a 2nd chance at a team that beat you on you own home field.   This statement is more appropriate.  Louisiana (my home), however has 4 Conference champs and the Saints.....so I believe Louisiana looks a lot better, regardless of Monday's performance by the flagship university.
Valid pt. 
I remember saying somewhere that this could be a banner year for Louisiana football....and I am pretty close to being right.  Of course there's LSU....my alma mater La Tech wins the WAC and could've done even better (lost to Houston and Southern Miss by a combined 3 pts) and the Saints have become surgeons under the dome....   The BcS is what it is though.....if that's what we have then some hard rules need to be in place such as:   1) Have to win your conference...
Grumpter, you're being very naive to the historical connotations of blackface.  Blackface in the truest sense conjures up insulting stereotypes to our intelligence, abilities and vocabulary.  So for you to compare the media outrage of Steve's bitter, meatheaded comments to the outrage of people dressing in black/white face is inaccurate at best, out of order at worst.  BTW, That being said, neither of the examples mentioned are racist, one can tell when there's malicious...
Personally, I thought Bama would drop to #5, but Stanford will probably get to #2 if they beat Oregon.  I just don't trust that Ok. State will escape Bedlam undefeated.  As for Boise and the Big East, the conference is sinking like a rock.....I'd stay in the Mountain West unless the Big 12 feels like getting back to, you know, 12.  
For now, I'll chalk Stevie's comments up as the musings of a bitter old meathead.  Greg Norman, however, lost some points in my book for saying that he's never seen racism as a problem in golf.  I realize he wants to defend his friend, but come on.  He may not want to have a chat with the Charlie Siffords of the world. 
Boise has been in the discussion for so long, that I really believe that if them and one other team is undefeated, they deserve a shot.  Now if that's LSU, they'll likely walk into a buzzsaw, considering that the title game would be a de facto home game for LSU.  All this re-alignment is about being impatient if you ask me.  If Boise runs to the Big East, they'll regret it.
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