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Definitely.  That's why I want to start volunteering with the First Tee and see if I can try to mentor a young golfer or 2.  One would think that if you're walking to a green to leave your bag on the side of the green closest to the next tee is simple, but you'd be surprised.      
Ok....allow me to play devil's advocate for a sec here.  For those on the board that mentor or teach golf to anyone (especially juniors), how many of you do any teaching concerning course management/pre-shot routine.  This in my opinion is what will help golfers play at a faster pace.   About juniors being slow, they have to learn it from somewhere, so teachers speak up
Ok Shorty.....in an effort to avoid a tit for tat   1) young lad should've come across a bit more respectfully, but 2) sometimes your posts do come across as caustic 3) just changing his profile up did not address the question.   Did not mean to offend you, but that's just my point of view  
On a non-golf related note, one of the major hospitals around here is about to implement a rule saying they won't hire you if you smoke (i.e. pre-employment tobacco screenings)
Shorty.....on the cool, the young lad gave you a dose of your own medicine.  Dominic, my advice to you would be look at your practice habits.  I know when I started playing, all I wanted to do was play, but once I started focusing on putting in some good range work, the scores began to drop.  
My vehicle of choice.....only flaw is the trunk space, not exactly golf friendly.
TNT has been carrying the early coverage for the PGA for quite a while.  CBS and the 'canned' commentary of Jim Nantz has it over the weekend.  
These classic type courses seem to suit Rory well, so I like him.  Also, I like AK's chances.  And as a darkhorse candidate, I'll take the hometown favorite Mr. Toms.
Though I think the 'lockout' was a ploy to stay in the news, football is back.  I predict that this will be a banner year for Louisiana football.  LSU looks mighty strong and if they can get to the "BCS" title game, it'll be a virtual home game.  As for the Saints, I don't think Reggie Bush is a priority to keep, but it would be nice to have him at a reduced rate, say 3-5 mil.  If they can get that and shore up the SS position, I can see them winning a tough NFC South.
If one thought Stevie was gonna take the high road....think again:   http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/golf/14237031.stm   If Tiger knocked the bridge down, Stevie just went out and burned the remains, then spat on it for good measure.
New Posts  All Forums: