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Yeah, unless you plan to go to the range about 60 times or more seems a bit steep.
Don't know if this link will work for you but some good basic information about set up with the driver. It's from golflink which is a really good site but the forum is not nearly as active as this one. They have excellent tips and videos. You may be asked to sign up to see it but it's free now. It used to be a pay site. http://www.golflink.com/tipsvideos/v...t=38234&e=.swf
When my irons go funky I let my left arm/wrist be more dominant. I try to exaggerate it. For me kind of pushing the club through the hitting zone with the right arm gets me in trouble.
The first instructor has already helped you so go with what you know. As for the memberships, do the one you know you are going to use and get your money's worth. If you have a lot of time on your hands and can play rounds freely to the golf course. But if you want to play multiple courses, have guys you play with that want to move the game around to different courses, do the driving range thing.
If taking a divot for you means more solid ball contact then it is probably true. One could argue that the angle of attack is steeper which will change your trajectory and may increase range. But I wouldn't take it as a given.
I know how you feel. After a six month layoff my driver play is horrible. One tip I tried that helped was choking up on the club about 1.5 inches. Next is to correct all my setup problems. I forgot how different hitting a driver was to an iron. There is nothing more awful feeling than continously hitting the ball off the heel of the club.
It helps if you hit the ball first.
That is another way of thinking about it but one that does not work for me. I have come to the conclustion that am more of a feel player and can't think about too much mechanically just before I swing. I think about taking a divot and that causes me to make a descending blow on the ball.
Practice, practice. There are a lot of approaches to putting you just have to find the right feel. A reverse overlap grip may work for you. I like to make sure my right hand is in control. Some people like to go straight back and forward others like a slight arc to their stroke. Some golfers put a little forward press in their strokes. Do some experimentation, read some tips and try things out. Then again, don't let one bad day make you dismantle a good thing. ...
The only way to take serious divots it to pound the ball down into the ground. I try not to think about a method for taking a divot but rather let taking a divot direct my swing. But I know some people play really good golf taking minimal divots. If you try to start taking divots you will probably hit more than a few fat shots but eventually you should get better at it. But if as you say you hit the ball crisp then why bother?
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