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I have yet to receive my copy. I guess I need to order it again
I too want to order one of these books through PayPal. What is the current price?
Age:  46   Height:  5'11"   Where are your from:  Kalispell, MT   How long have you been playing:  3 years seriously, but off and on for the past 30 years.   Best score:  89   Favorite club in the bag:  5 iron   Golf books/DVDs that have helped you:  Zen Golf   Where do you play:  MT, ID, WA, AB, and BC.    Best courses you've played so far:  Prince Course, Kuaui; Tetherow, OR; Couer d'Alene Resort, ID;  Circling Raven, ID;  Wilderness...
The hardest so far for me has been Circling Raven, in Idaho.  I am heading out to Kuaui next week and will be playing the Prince course and fully expect a beating!!
Yesterday I shot a 91 from the Silver tees at The Ranch Club in Missoula, MT.  Then went to the Primus concert after.  It was a great Father's Day for me!!
I demoed one of these a few weeks ago and was crushing the ball.  I really like how it looks also and will be picking one up this week.
I am loving this ball right now. 
Old Works - #67 by Golf Digest = $29
I use a 5 gallon glass jug. I emptied it out about 2 months ago and got $764 out of it, and it was only a little more than half full!!
No AT&T service in Montana, so I cannot get one. Otherwise, I would.
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