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When I was growing up, the 11th hole at my home course hat it. It was a par 5 and from the tee you had to hit an iron most of the time. The second shot, you could either try to go over the lake or follow the fairway around the lake. If you tried to go over the lake, you had to carry it at a minimum of 225. Now I would probably try it, but not back then.
I have that all the time. Mine is the wedges. I am having trouble getting them on the green at times. The other day when I played, I had a 48 on the front nine. Wedges could not even get the ball on the green, only 1 three putt. On the 8th hole, I started hitting the wedges better and then the game cam together. After getting the wedges better, I proceeded to shot a 37 on the back. That is the best I can hop for right now until I can start playing more often. I...
It will make a lot of difference mentally. The new clubs down there will give you a lot more confidence. The newer technology will make some difference in the game and it will probably help you hit the ball farther.
I am happy for you. Mind GF/wife (in 9 days) has went to the range with me a couple of times and she is aweful. She is not taking tips and if she keeps trying, she might get it. I wish she would get more into the game and play some. I have the same problem with only me ever playing. Every now and again, I get asked to play while I am at the course because the people that would be in front of us are really going to be slow.
I have done that with a really old driver, but never with the new technology.
Great job. Keep it going.
It definitely has something to do with the mat. The mat takes all of the essence of the divot away. If you hit it a little chunky off of the mat. It still looks great, but the grass would have slowed your club down already and not gone as far. Just focus more on striking on the ball. Think that this is just a shot on the range and focus on making that practice swing instead of an intense course swing.
Thanks. I am using oobgolf and if I ever need an official, then I will try something else.
I agree with kc8. Hit the fade shot. Hit the ball at the center of the green and with a slight fade. If you mess up, you are still in the middle of the green. Getting too aggressive can cause major problems and you could be in the trap or worse in the bushes and bring some really high scores into play. With hitting the center of the green, you can easily make par and if you are fading or drawing the ball good considering where the pin is placed, then you have a...
I say the Pro V1, Pro V1x, or the NXT Tour. Right now I am hitting the NXT and am not having any problems making the ball stop. They are cheaper than the Pro V1 and V1x.
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