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by the pro at westchester country club. I dont know what the machines are called but he used a couple, plus he knows from experience, he has fit over 1000 people with clubs in his career history.
I play a pro v1 x with red circles around each of the numbers with a red line through the "pro v 1x" line for putter alignment
well, i just had a custom club fitting for my new callaway x-forged 2009 irons and the pro who did my fitting put in the 5.5 shafts. originally, i thought that he would put in 6.0 shafts because i have a fast swing speed (around 110 with driver) but he said that 5.5 was the right shaft for me. He said that 5.5 rifle is a stiff shaft, and that most who put the 6.0's in shouldnt have them. I dont know what my iron club speed is but i do know that i have a fast swingspeed.
NOOO hugo and camila are gona lose :( their my favorites their so much better.. this sucks. wish they won :( but congrats to them, they surprised me. Makes missing his sons birth easier to deal with, he can drive him around in his new bmw xD
Yea, i was hitting my friends the other day. Its a good club.
That doesnt mean that he couldnt be even better with newer clubs. Think about it... after 15 years, there is going to be a huge gap in the technology of the clubs he is using and the clubs that are sold now. This doesnt mean that he is going ot shoot badly because he is using older clubs. If you are good, you are good. It is as simple as that. However, if you ask any golf pro, EQUIPMENT DOES MATTER. I would be willing to bet that if he would invest in newer clubs he would...
I basically never use my lob wedge. I do most of my chipping and pitching with a 52* gap wedge. i use the 56* once and a while, and basically only use my 60* if hitting a very high flop shot, or if there is basically no room to land the ball. i would recomend trying to use a gap or sand wedge, chipping and pitching with a lob wedge isnt good imo.
Yea i also use the Taylormade Tour Burner. Great club. i would definatly reccomend it.
dumb idea to drill the hole.. you shouldve sent it to callaway and had them fix it... honestly i would think the driver is trash if you drilled a hole in it. but then again, there are no pics to know what it looks like
^ yea i agree all the way. I mean sure their not brand new, but they are forged irons. They get beat up very easily. Also as he said, do you think there going to look brand new after youve finished playing alot of roudns with them? just re-grip them and youll be fine. although as one of the people said, i dont know why you would get those irons with a 17 handicap.. its going to make hitting good shots harder...
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