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I have a 21 degree mp fli hi with project x5.5 email me jkan2001 at gmail.com
I would say you're about $100 too high. A buddy of mine picked up a set at a local mom and pop used shop for $150. Another friend just picked up a new set for $80 at the crazy 75% off Golf Galaxy clearance sale. They both love the clubs though.
I have a 48 Cleveland CG11. I don't think they made a 46 but i could be wrong
A box of Pro V's is like $40 bucks. Does that mean you'll take 40 shipped?
09 Burner irons have been very well reviewed. At a 25 HC I'd get the most forgiving irons and driver you can get your hands out. For Mizuno that would be the MX100's or 950 hybrid set.
Traded it in, gone
Thanks, I was thinking that was the opti-fit logo. I'll take a look and see if mine has that. If not it may just be a FT-i Tour, non LCG.
I picked up a Callaway FT-i driver last week. I'm now reading there's a LCG (low center of gravity) version and I'm not sure if mine is the standard or the LCG. It's 9.5 loft and it seems that all the normal FT-i's are whole number lofts. Are there any additional markings that would identify if mine is a LCG or not?
If you're going from a prehistoric dunlop to an upgrade I would look at something newer than a 975 or 983, those are old. What's your budget?
$300+? Are you looking at the new Monster XLS? You could always buy a used XL with the Gold stiff shaft and see if you like it for about $60 as a cheap experiement. The XL is actually still a great club, I can't tell any improvement at all with the XLS (haven't hit the Monster yet). FYI the gold shaft plays a little weak to flex.
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