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Selling a set of Ping S55 irons in very clean condition. Set make up is 3-PW, standard length, yellow dot with ($60 per club upcharge) Aerotech Steelfiber 110cw in stiff flex.  New Decade Multicompound grips in very good condition (3i grip doesn't match). If you don't know about these shafts they are graphite with steel fibers wound around the core to provide the low launch and accuracy of steel with the vibration dampening and feel of graphite.  Brandt Snedeker and Matt...
Selling a clean set of 2014 TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB (Cavity Back) irons.  Set make is 4-PW with Dynamic Gold XP S300 stiff shafts.  They come with like new Iomic 2.3 sticky black grips.  Standard L/L/L. Email me with questions at jkan2001@gmail.com, I do not check PM's often.  I ship same or next  business day after payment with FedEx ground.  Looking to move these fast at $450 obo shipped CONUS. NO TRADES PLEASE!! Also have two pairs of all white Ashworth Cardiffs...
I have a 21 degree mp fli hi with project x5.5 email me jkan2001 at gmail.com
I would say you're about $100 too high. A buddy of mine picked up a set at a local mom and pop used shop for $150. Another friend just picked up a new set for $80 at the crazy 75% off Golf Galaxy clearance sale. They both love the clubs though.
I have a 48 Cleveland CG11. I don't think they made a 46 but i could be wrong
A box of Pro V's is like $40 bucks. Does that mean you'll take 40 shipped?
09 Burner irons have been very well reviewed. At a 25 HC I'd get the most forgiving irons and driver you can get your hands out. For Mizuno that would be the MX100's or 950 hybrid set.
Traded it in, gone
Thanks, I was thinking that was the opti-fit logo. I'll take a look and see if mine has that. If not it may just be a FT-i Tour, non LCG.
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