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Why not get the 2012 version? http://www.tgw.com/customer/category/product.jsp/SUBCATEGORY_ID/16320/refScid/1065/sattr0/Model/sattrVal0/stand
Pose your question here: http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/index.php You'll get honest opinions and lots of tips.
In good shape except for a nick on the bottom from a sprinkler head. $160.00 shipped to CONUS. Paypal only
It's nice to see I'm not the only Parole Agent on here.
I don't know about the medium, but I wear an xxl and the proportions seem to be off a bit. The sleeves are about and inch shorter that other brands and the neck is way bigger. Usually, an xxl neck is 18 1/2-19. This one is at least 20. Other than that, the fit through the shoulders and middle is the same as the Adidas and Ping shirts I have.
I can do that in the same round. Last Thursday, shot 38 on the front and 46 on the back.
$3-$7 depending on the size of the bucket and which range I go to.
I've been working with the same guy for about 3 years and he keeps dropping his price. We started at $35 1/2 hr and are down to $25. Week after next, I'm taking a week off work and meeting with him everyday for a half hour a day and all he is charging me is $75 for the week.
It's not really that bad. The tube helps with alignment and it has a tall face that helps with consistant contact.
Anyone know what "Quad Cut Grooves" are?
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