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Great pictures.  Keep 'em coming!
  It's not hard to take a good photo on this course.  About 8am on a spring day.  
  I enjoy documenting the courses I have played.  Here are a few good shots.     TPC 17th replica at Castle on the Bay, Arkdale, WI.  Great course             17th at Timberstone GC in Iron Mtn, MI,  One of only a handful of 5 star courses in the country that may be better than many of the top 25 courses in the country.     Wynn Golf Club, Las Vegas.    
  I really think my issue has to do with Firefox 3.6.  The site works geat in IE9, but something in FF is causing it to hang and be slow and buggy.  All browsers have their issues that need to be optimized for.  Something must just not be right on the site for FF.
  Problem has dissapeared.  I'll post again if it come back.
Yardage book says about 175 from the end of the fairway to the middle of the green.   I had about 200 yds, but it plays downhill slightly.  Hit 4 iron to the front of the green.   One of the best shots on the course and one I'll remember for awhile.
Do a search.  Must be 20 threads on this topic already.
  Just returned from another trip to Scottsdale and I'm beginning to get a feel for golf in the area.   This trip I played:   Boulders North - very nicely conditioned course.  Greens are tricky and had me confused and frustrated all day.  Not as scenic or mountainous as I was hoping for.  The South course has the great scenery. Had the best conditioning and landscaping of the three courses.  Paid $110 which was the right amount.  Probably not worth the $200...
  Sorry, 2nd post in as many days.....   Anyone else getting security certificate errors??  This is new, starting yesterday for me.
Thanks guys, this is really helpful.  Keep the reco's coming!
New Posts  All Forums: