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Very, very cool.Thanks immts007!
Could not agree more. If you don't commit to regular lessons, I think you are more likely to revert to your old habits because you don't trust what you should be working on. Whereas, if you know you have another lesson coming up, you trust that you can continue working on the technique and then go to the next lesson and get feedback to make sure you are making the changes correctly.Personally, I always get worse right after a lesson until I groove the new move(s). Now...
First link doesn't work, and second is not an authoritative source (just a "Yahoo Answers" page where anyone can post an answer.) I'd be skeptical. Don't you think the RNC would have discovered and used this info before?
S.E.- I think it's just a matter of finding the right pro. I took a few lessons here and there when I first took up golf. None of them helped, and I quit the game out of frustration. When I decided to give it another shot many years later, I asked around for recommendations, researched, and found a great pro. I actually look forward to sessions with my pro.
Hmmm. I'm not sure where we could look for a definitive definition of "up and down", but I was always taught that "up and down" (as I described it above) and "sand save" were the two components of the "Scramble" statistic.
It means that if you miss a "green in regulation" (i.e., you are not on the green in par minus 2), but you still make par or better on the hole. Up = chipping/pitching/hitting onto the green Down = putting into the hole. However, it still counts as an "Up and Down" if you hole out from chip/pitch/approach. A "sand save" is the same thing, but from a greenside bunker.
Weird. I enjoyed this show, except for James and Andrea getting eliminated. I think they were more talented than some of the other teams . . . in theory. But they were definitely playing "one-legged". I am having that problem. I think Casey and Rachel L. are my frontrunners right now.(Bonus points to Qx3 for use of the word "ennui".) I must have missed the "celebration" and I deleted the episode off of my DVR. What happened?
I always heard it as "FUAB".
You are right Awsi, a LOT of morons on that board. The mentality there just baffles me. I can't even look at it any more without running across something that makes my blood boil. I noticed the same thing. I wonder if motivation is an issue considering she just got her LPGA card?Vicky Hurst won again. No surprise there.Bri Vega (BB6 and BB7) had a nice finish at T13. That should boost her confidence going into the final stage of Q-School.Sarah Lynn Sargent (nee...
You're not an interweb idgit. TGC site is painful. Not as bad as the Nike Golf site though. That one has got to be the worst in the business. Too much flash, hard to navigate, lots of pretty pictures but very little actual substance, doesn't work well with Firefox . . .
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