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Absolutely, the whole gateway drug theory is complete bs.
No, in fact he should get an extra medal if he was competing while high and won. 
man i gotta try this sometime.
drove in to a tree once and cut my finger on the steering wheel somehow but that's about it. 
Very rarely will I improve a lie or position, have to be in a special mood where I'm just tired of dealing with stupid sh*t. I don't get these militant rules officials on the course though. God forbid I drop a ball somewhere in the vicinity of where I lost one and play on, or if I'm a few inches closer to the hole after a drop, or if i feel like hitting another ball after a bad shot etc. I'm out there to have fun, don't really care what I shoot, and don't really care...
Some people are just complete a*sholes. I remember a couple years ago I was about to tee off on the 1st hole when a group was coming towards the 9th green which is near the 1st tee box on the right. I am about to hit when a dude darts his cart out right in front of me and stops to play his ball. I back off and wait for him to play, when he sees me and starts shouting "WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT, DON'T YOU F*CKING ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME!" before hitting angrily and storming off...
Exactly, I haven't bought tees in years. My course also gives out tees in the cart so that's 5 tees every time I ride. But I can get by with broken tees 80% of the time.
The point is not "don't concentrate and immerse yourself in your game", but "don't obsess over it to the point that it becomes a chore". I see way too many people who act as if it's their god given right to play perfectly and get pissed off when they don't. In that vain, relax and don't take it too seriously...
my clubs are so grimy, it's a little sickening. haven't cleaned them with water in, well, never. I should probably do that sometime.
Exactly, I really can't stand playing with others who insist on defining an order to every hole. Honors on the tee has always seemed pointless to me, and I don't see the hubbub about putting "out of order" when everybody else is just standing around wasting time. I have been finishing my rounds recently in 3 1/2 hours, and I am fairly leisurely. I don't understand those who need 5+ hours to play 18 holes.
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