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I personally prefer Tour Velvets. But it really depends on what you personally prefer.
Fallout 3 is not canon. It's Baby's First RPG aka Oblivion with Guns. It was fun to play until you quickly become a gamebreaker (I guess if you grew up with World of Warcraft and Oblivion you might struggle to break the game.) They cut down the perks and skills so much, it's left as a shell of the Fallout series. It really is idiot-proof skill selection (protip: you're a gamebreaker by 15 even if you don't choose the must-have perks--too many skill points and not enough...
If he hits long irons well, I would imagine it's not a grip issue. More likely, it's a mental issue. Your swing changes with your woods and driver because of some mental inclination you have about them. Unless you post a video, you're going to be best-served by getting a couple lessons.
Does anyone actually pay $375 for the Stadium Course nowadays? I feel like they run a special every day. That's not a terrible deal because the hotel is great, but truthfully you might as well skip Dye's Valley. It's really not worth the money they charge because it's part of Sawgrass. I would rather grab a special at Ponte Vedra and play both courses there (or just double up on the Ocean course), then pay to play a round at the Stadium course. There's also a decent deal...
1. Florida 2. California 3. New York 4. Carolinas 5. Georgia All of Georgia's good courses are private, but it hosts the first major, as well as the final event of the FedEx Cup, as well as hosting the US Collegiate Championship.
No, but if I were going to be inspired by a pro, it certainly wouldn't be Lefty.
Those are crickets. Pity reply.
We played at Golf Club of Georgia when the greens were a 13. Only one player in our foursome had under 40 putts. There's no point in playing when the greens are like glass, in my opinion. At least, not while trying to score.
I like my Newport 2. Other than that, there's no much input anyone here can give you. You've got to play with it, not us.
Nike Ignite. Bought a box of reloads on sale at Target. That's the last time I'm ever playing a non-premium ball.
New Posts  All Forums: