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I thought maybe someone might have gone through this experience before, which is why I'm asking here. Someone on here may be a maryland cop? or knows the gun laws for a fact? It is possible to get information from a "golf message board"
2 years ago I bought a 30.06 I bought it from walmart and they did a background check or something....how would I go about selling this gun? I dont use it and want to sell it but dont know if I can just sell it or if there is more stuff I have to go thru? I think my name is on the serial number??? any help is appreciated thanks
that would be one benefit im sure. the other would be its not as messy we are playing at a friends parents house they have 12 acres of land a good bit is wooded area so we will be playing out there im sure they would rather not have paint all over their land....so playing in their land is free paintball they pay to play at places for paintball this is the gun im getting http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_i...ducts_id=27754 echo 1 m4
Alot of my friends who have previously been extremely into paintball are now into airsoft and getting me into it as well. Tomorrow im ordering my guns and vest and everything else i need. Anyone else do airsoft?
because of that site I now arm my iphones camera before i even walk in the door
i learned on a set of dunlop clubs from walmart, i played on those for like 2 seasons then went to dicks sporting goods when i finally had the money and got fitted and ended up with callaway 06 big bertha irons, i been playing on those for a season or so. one day i figured for the heck of it to pull out the old dunlops and i played better with them...part of me felt if i got new clubs it would really help me out....but it really didnt, just me playing longer helped me...
golfsmith.com has the sg3 for 159 and the sg4 for 179$ for 4 days only check it out, I might actually look into getting the sg4
I think next year i wanna go to the proam and one of the days of the actual rounds cause the pro am allows cameras too even tho next 2 years its going to be near Philadelphia in preparation for the usopen at congressional
lol then move on?? =]
yea it was pretty awesome. saw boo weekley in his camo and hunter orange stuff haha. to see them drive the ball in person is just ridiculous it doesnt look like they are swinging that hard but the ball goes forever. on 6 charlie wi hit his ball and it started to go right near where the water is it came down and hit the edge of a rock by the water shot straight up and onto the green haha he lucked out so much that was crazy. watched fred couples draw the ball around some...
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