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Haven't posted on hear for a while but as I have an official handicap again for the first time in 4 years and am playing regularly again figured good to talk about it too! Played the Silverburn course at Royal Aberdeen for my works Bi-weekly "Monday Medal" this week. Was in 3 bunkers and got up and down from all of them. First two sand shots were pretty special and deserve a mention (3rd was average but made a 25 footer). First was at the first, probably 20 yards to...
I have played both, though not in any kind of way that would be valid for scientific research. My initial impressions are that the e7+ is firmer than the e6+. Certainly felt this on chips and putts. Similar behaviour with fuller shots in terms of stopping on the green. I felt that the e7+ travelled a little further, though I don't like the feel as much as the e6+.
love the detail, when you put a lot into writing a post, good to know someone is reading them!
I don't think I can remember a round of golf when I didn't think, oh if I putted like I did yesterday I would hgave broken 80 or if my driving was like last week's I'd have broken 80, every single time there's always some part not as good as it could be. When it comes to practise the only area where I feel multiple benefits is full and partial wedge shots. Seems like getting the feel on those shots, and the hand-eye co-ordination has knock-on benefits for my whole swing.
Has anyone done one? There's one near me next week and I though I might go if people on here have found it a worthwhile experience.
I have played a 60 for about 18 months and I like it. I have had the opportunity to practise plenty with it so I know what shots to use it for. There are rounds when I don't use it same as there are rounds when I don't use my 56. The wedge I use most is my 50 GW. Never used anything higher, but I'm pretty confident on full and partial shots with the 60 so don't see why I wouldn't hit a 64 reasonably well also.
My dad and brother and I played today and there was a lot of sharing of clubs going on. Obviously they have travelled a long way and didn't have their own gear. Meant that we were able to have a reasonably competitive game today, if I didn't share my gear they would have been hitting 10 year old drivers, etc.... Would I let someone else I know play with my gear, in alll honesty, probably yes. A complete stranger, nope.
Just finished, beautiful day here, in the low 70s, strong wind, but that's hardly a surprise. Shot 42-42 for an 84. Had the best ball striking round with my new irons, hit 10 GIRs. Made two mental erros, one off the tee, took too much club and went in a creek, the other I tried to do too much out of a fairway bunker. Those two holes cost me 5 shots, the other 16 I was 7 over. Anyways the big culprit today was my putting, had 5 3-putts and didn't get it going until...
I'd say go with a medium bounce in the 56 wedge, like 10/11 degrees of bounce, give you some versatility
I love my 4 hybrid and it gets a lot of use, particularly those longer shots that you want to land softly. A lot of the pros have been covered but from my persepctive I think the 4h is a great club for difficult lies; downhill and sidehill in particular.
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