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Certainly different but one thing I noticed is you don't "set up" in what you call your good practice swing, you kind of stay in motion, don't start things off by having the club rest behind the ball. I would give that a try when hitting, see if by not "stopping" prior too the shot might let you make a fuller turn. 
I use a push cart every round I walk, the difference in fatigue vs carrying is really noticeable. I am 30 yo and play soccer competitively, I guess you could say I'm in "above average fitness shape" and  carrying still takes a lot out of me phisically. The benefits of the added rest from pushing and not carrying my bag, both during and after the round are inmense. I use a SM Micro Cart and consider it one of the best golf purchases I ever made. 
Ok, here are a couple more recent, and certainly worse, swings. I can't seem to find any FO ones, I'll try to get one the next time I hit the range.   I'm counting on you to improve so please shoot me your opinions, tips, advice, insults, whatever (actually I think no insults would be better! ) Thanks
Thanks for the help, that's a great tip! Sorry for the crappy vids, I think I have some better quality ones where I.m hitting it much worse, I'll try to post those and see if I get any more tips. Once again thanks for the advice
Not a single comment or tip??? There's a million things wrong! Come on Sandtrappers, help me ou!
One more, Face on this time.
Hi, It's been some time since I posted one of my swings. Any help or tips are welcomed    
Hi, do you still have them? Could you post some pics?? Thanx
I volunteered at Congressional last year, you couldn't take your phone/camera/or any other electronic device for that matter inside the gates ON TOURNAMENT DAYS, they were allowed though on practice days. There were tents set up at each entrance where you were able to "check" your forbidden devices in a bag they provided and retrieve them upon your exit, I did exactly that on the first day and had absolutely no problem. The following days though, I just left everything...
  I was wondering if you could be so kind as to explain how and why wedge technique can improve by using the correct wedges, or at least show us what unproper wedge technique looks like. After reading your article I am absolutely certain that my wedges fit me horribly, which is quite logical given the fact that the "fitting" process consisted of trying out a friend's gap wedge, but cannot quite grasp what "flaws" or compensations they might generate in my wedge game. I...
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