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So I was a High School/College golfer who used to poke it about 300 off the tee and held about a 6-10 handicap. Played here and there last few years.( 6 years- 30 rounds due to work)   My iron ball flight is still at a great level.Hitting it high with great spin and control.  Confident from 200 to stick one on the green but my woods distance is that of a 80 year old...
I just ended up with a R7 CGB Max driver that I won at an outing and I'm loving it. However, I have never hit the tour burner how does it compare?
Footjoy glove
Just picked up a set of MP57's after hitting about 10 different sets. Very smooth, solid and forgiving. However, if you get fitted and try them all out your results will most likely different in one way or another so I'd recommend a trip your local fitting center.
4-5-6 depending on wind/elevation. Given stable wind and a level shot I'll usually hit a 5 iron.
52 degree CG12 Cleveland 56 and 60 Titleist Vokey Spinmilled 10 and 4 bounce respecively
ProV1 or NXT Tour. Voted for ProV1
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