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Playing collegiate golf would be nice, but I don't think I'm cut out for it. Plus the schools I'm applying too are all D1 and pretty damn good(like Wake Forest). I'm more than happy to settle for playing in the golf club, all for fun yet still pretty competitive.
Probably new Mp-52s 57s or AP-2s and the new titleist driver. But I'll probably only get one of those things and save some money.
Getting my swing back. Beginning of the summer I was hitting the ball so pure, and then my pull shot came back. I never recovered the entire summer(still haven't). Just having the motivation to practice and work it out has been tough.
Let us know how they are. I've had my eye on them and I'd like some feedback.
I have the first model of Black Series(metal insert) and I love it. The distance control with it is not an issue. And if you're hitting the ball pure it feels so sweet.
About 6 hours, but I was caddying not playing.
Eisenhower Red Course is pretty good. They host a Champions Tour event there every year. And of course Bethpage.
The BOA system is amazing...my snowboard boots have it. :) I would get the Reelfits but I don't like the style of the shoe. Plus tying a golf shoe is 10x easier then tying boot laces so I see no need for them.
That's the funniest thing I've heard in a while. lol
I think she'll do quite well. Plus I'm really hoping she does, there needs to be more American girls that can compete with the mass amount of Asians on the tour.
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