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I was just wondering what drills, if any, folks use to practice putting at home.  I've been thinking about buying some artificial turf to put in my basement for putting practice.  Has anyone else done this?  If so, what type of setup do you have, and what kind of drills do you do?   Thanks in advance!
I'm just being devil's advocate here... If you look at the replay/video, yes the ball does move.  But if you look at the very top of the ball, it doesn't look like the ball actually moves up/down or changes position.  It looks like his ball mark moved...  That would be oscillation, correct?
I watched the replay several times on you tube.  The ball looked like it oscillated to me.  It did move and the PGA guys keep saying that it moved, but moving is a result of oscillation.  The ball didn't look like it changed positions to me.    I'm not a big Tiger fan, but I think he's got a decent argument.   Just wondering what everyone else thinks about it.
I always put on my head covers because the clanking drivers, fairway metals etc... is disruptive to other golfers.  At least that's what I've always thought.  Maybe I'm being hyper courteous.  :)
- People that play speed golf and their main objective is to push the people in front of them.   I know that scratch golfers are naturally faster than bogey golfers, but I'm not talking about scratch players.  I'm talking about the double bogey guys that pick up their balls on bad shots, drop in the fairway on bad shots, and move as fast as they possibly can simply to push the group in front of them.  Yes.  There are groups that play like that.    - Fast players...
I watched a few hours this weekend and noticed after every hole won by either team...fist pump.  Sometimes the fist pumps, IMHO, got out of hand and were somewhat obnoxious.  I think in general, the fist pump fad is getting old and we need to find something else.  I know it's been around for eons, but maybe we can change the manner in which it's done.  For instance the current fad seems to be a fist pump as the ball is going into the hole.  I think Tiger started that...
So at $1 a club for labor, that's around 15 bucks to have someone do it for you.  You have to buy the grips anyway.  Why do it yourself?  Your saving a whopping 15 dollars.  Am I missing something?  
By shank, I presume you mean that when you hit the ball it veers low and strong to the right.   If so, sometimes I'll do this a couple of times when hitting bucket...for me it's most always that I'm hitting the ball with the hosel of the club.   That tells me I'm standing too close, so I drop back a little away from the ball at setup and I typically stop doing this.   Hope that helps.  
Sometimes during a round, I'll start doing this too.  Here's what I do to help:   I've found that when I do this, it's when I'm trying to hit a draw and my stance has drifted from slightly aligned to the right (I'm a righty) to dead straight.  So the first thing I do is to be very conscious of my alignment at setup and make sure I'm slightly aligned to the right of my target.  Secondly, I envision a line slightly right of my target, and that's the line I try to take...
No but I will try it...
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