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Hory Shet !!! Well done !!
Urwerk UR-210 http://www.urwerk.com/en/           Video of the Movement
Hautlence Classic Jumping Hour   http://www.hautlence.com/en/         Video of Movement
Oh I'm going to be all over this thread as you have hit a weak spot here. I'll start with some of my favorites that I likely will never own and then I will add some of my own personal collection pix later:   MCT The Sequential One ( The coolest movement I have ever seen in a watch bar none)     Video of the movement   www.mctwatches.com
It is random....at any given handicap there is a range that every golfer will likely play within on any given day.  You can't say that it is a  trend because his playing field changes from day to day.  We are not talkin about shooting free throws where the parameters are the same from day to day.  Golf is hard and he will be fine because he knows what he is doing.  Any good golfer will tell you that it is hard to go low in consecutive rounds let alone 4 straight rounds....
  Yeah that's what I was getting at....His house there is 27 million bucks there in Ohio.  Pretty nice spread of course that he and the kids could play a mean game of hide and seek in !!
Can't even imagine how much square footage 27 million bucks gets you in Ohio......I'd wanna go home too !!
I'm sure the money is right for her to move on so good for her. 
No I had not read your post at the time.....So are you saying that you have spent enough time with LBJ to say without a doubt that he is a "he's a narcissist who truly believes he's above everyone else. He's arrogant, when he was here...he was rude to fans and anyone who was "below him". He also quit on his team when he knew he was leaving...what kind of person does that? "  The "fans" burned his jersey and the very owner of the team berated him publicly (and never...
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