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I'll play devils advocate on this one because I believe that the golf ball is the real reason for the distance gains today.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLV6rM1vtrA
My best ever is 11. One round I hit 10 greens in a row to finish a round but I had only hit one in the previous 8 holes so it was definitely a hot/cold round. I can't imagine a round where someone hit all 14 fairways and all 18 greens. Regardless of the score I would see that as about as good as it can get for a golfer. Some days putts fall and sometimes they don't but to have a ball striking day like that shows a different level of proficiency.
100 Hand Release Pushups 100 Ab Mat Situps 100 Burpees   Walked 18 holes in the nice Kuwait heat ! Rode in the Cart for 18 holes in the nice Kuwait heat !   Rolled out my body on a PVC roller and stretched with a flex band for about an hour.   I slept really well last night !
So are you saying that member is better than Rory, who is a two time major champion, and that he should be on tour? Or could it be that he is a pretty darn good golfer who is very familiar with playing on Augusta. The fact is that the mystique of the golf course is what draws us in and would initially push your typical scores higher than normal. However if you were a member and played the course multiple times per week then Augusta is just another golf course. There are...
Why would you be scared of the green speed? It's just like anything else in golf where you have to make an adjustment. On slow greens you have to convince yourself to hit the putt much harder than you perceive and on fast greens it is the opposite. And if you are on some of their crazy slopes then all you can do is basically touch the putt and it is going to get to the hole and theirs nothing that you can do about it other than try and start it on the proper line.   The...
Lets keep it real. It's a golf course that is pretty difficult. But to act like just walking onto the grounds adds 25 strokes to your handicap is just ridiculous. Sure playing it sight unseen I'm sure everyone would chop it up and play terribly but if a member can play better than Rory like he did yesterday then that is a testament to not let the mystique of the course blow up your score. The tournament setup and teeboxes cost the member 9 strokes off of his course record...
You could tell Wie didn't have her A game but I liked that she didn't play herself out of it should Lexi have taken a bad number on hole. Lexi just played perfect golf and no one was going to beat her that day. They seem to play pretty quickly and get on with it which is a breathe of fresh air. Definitely will be trying to go and see them play live.
I'd rather watch the ladies today then the fellas but I don't think I'm going to be able to pick it up over here in Kuwait. We shall see if I can locate an internet feed that is showin it. I think it's great that the ladies have a compelling final day that is more compelling than the men for a change.
More technical explanations but definitely helped me get this technique squared away:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38FCxpgINq8   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQEBCaCSpyY
I cycle 2,3, and 4 iron mizuno FLI Hi's in and out of my bag depending on the wind and find that they are just very useful clubs. Regular hybrids just make you have to work really hard to flight them lower but they are doing what they are designed to do. The trajectory of my FLI Hi's is medium with the 2 and 3 and mid hid with the 4 off the deck and they just work in windy conditions. I haven't hit the PING (probably doesn't come in lefty anyway!) but I bet it is a pretty...
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