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Impact is King !!
Welcome to the site.....ah yes I remember when I was 7 posts in and I thought I knew so much.....just open your mind and wait a while. Soon you will see the light !! Paddy isn't swaying at all....his weight is staying very much braced on his inside of his right leg. 
This is a very simple and very effective technique.  I manage to screw up my knees and ankles both right and left handed  until I finally said that I was going to flare my feet open enough to where I don't roll on my lead ankle at all and can keep it planted throughout the whole swing.  It was definitely one of the smartest things for my body. At first it felt awkward and I had to make a few adjustments but just like anything else with diligence it has become completely...
You said it yourself....work on your attitude and enjoy the journey.  Golf is hard so try to not make it harder by beating yourself up for a poor shot. We all hit them...even the pros.  Also your head doesn't have to remain still though it should remain steady.  When you walk your head is steady but it isn't still.  It is still moving up and down as you walk.
Like others have already said.    1. Ball first contact 2. Strike in the middle of the face 3. Just the right amount of forward shaft lean for the club 4. Achieving the max acceleration at impact.   Like others have also said....these are athletes and they are swinging forcefully regardless of how it looks.  No one is swinging a club at 115 plus miles per hour without effort.  Their bodies just happen to be well conditions and flexible and they can maintain their...
There are many different weights that you can experiment with to find your blend that you like. I lowered the weights in my clubs to 30 grams in all of them but I have them 17 inches inside the shaft and so the swingweights are E1 for the irons and F1 for the driver. 75 grams would be considered a lot  for most people so I would suggest 20 and 30 grams weights to feel how they work.  To me the most important weights are the opti vibe weights that go inside the shaft...
Dammit I was expectin the gloves to come off !!
Oh I can't wait to see the answer to this one!!! There's no way there could possibly be a double standard could there?
What course is this?  I am from that area and you never put the name of the course in your descriptions!
What I have learned in the years that I am been on this website is this: 1. Iacas is NEVER just pulling this stuff out of thin air and I have been put in my place a few times on here when I thought that I knew something only to find out that I was way off base.  For me learning to decipher and understand the advice that he gives on here has done wonders for my game.  2. Try to prove a theory right first before you try and discount advice from anyone because think about...
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