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The only reason my woods have steel in them is that's how I got them and I haven't wanted to change the clubs since.
I have steel shafts in my fairway woods and love them. I can hit them quite far and my shot cone is quite small with them. I will admit I know next to nothing about shafts as I am still learning about golf in general. With a driver what are the pros and cons to having a steel shaft? My understanding is you'll lose distance, but should shoot a little straighter. Is this accurate? What type of distance loss would one be looking at? No I am not going to put a steel...
I hit a buddies on the weekend from the fairway on a couple par 5's to try it out. I was impressed with the club. I hit it off the tee on a par 4 and liked it there too. I didn't find problems hitting it off the fairway, but I can hit my fairway woods surprisingly well from the fairway because my play has required it many many times as my driver isn't the longest out there.
2"? isn't that costing you some distance?
Thanks iacas, I know it's tough without seeing. I think I need to video a driver swing just so I can see it too rather than going by "feel".
Take your pick. Hook, slice, top, sky high, grounding the driver. I have no idea what changes and why but once I get the driver in my hand with all of its length, I just can't feel the swing. It feels awkward. Have you seen anything similar with any students? I just "feel" like the length puts me out of control.
Driver continues to be my mortal enemy with this swing. I am smashing my irons farther and more accurate than most guys I play with after practicing the swing all year. I CANNOT get a consistent driver swing going though. Any thoughts or drills out there for the driver swing as it applies to S & T?
Here's the long and short of this. Locally there isn't much around for a qualified club fitter. I MIGHT have a chance to catch a rep at my club later this year, but that is a might due to my schedule. I am looking to buy some irons as my game, particularly my iron game, has drastically improved this year due to a swing change. I've become very consistent and a little longer with my irons. Right now my irons are cut down an inch and a half shorter each. This was done...
I hate that Fed Ex wait. I waited and waited for my driver and wedges, went for a quick lunch with the wife and missed the first delivery attempt! Still managed to get them that day for Men's Night tho :)
I haven't updated my handicap and am actually at an 18 now. I appreciate the caution about the X-Forged and their playability, but iron play has always been my strongest area. Driving and putting are what have kept me up. In addition I have hit the X-Forged regularly as one of my regular playing partners games them. I have found them relatively easy to hit and love the feel they give compared to my sledge hammers. Thanks for the ratings on the Nike's though. If...
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