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I've had the same problems previously. Similar to you I used to hit my 3wood instead of my driver off the tee because I was more accurate with it and didnt really lose distance. During my own experience, I found I was trying to swing to hard ( mentally trying to make up for the use of the 3 wood ) because my regular partner was an ace with his driver. Tee shot after tee shot he would hit to 300 or just over yards ( his short game was atrocious, but a drive like that can...
I feel I've always had a pretty neutral grip, but things have never felt comfortable to me. Sad part is I was out with my sons tonight chipping in the yard and I took one of their wedges which was LH.......2 out of 4 balls went right in the bucket from about 10 yards out.........and I play RH.
Hi, I'm new to the forums. I've been golfing for 2.5 years now ( still new ) and we won't discuss handicap right now I'm a short guy at 5'4" but have very long arms ( 28 1/4 " from ground to wrist bend) and very wide shoulders. I have a tendancy to slice which I know is being caused by bringing the clubface back to the ball in an open manner. On Friday I put in a round, and as I was working my way through the 18 holes I had a thought ....." What if I turned my...
I am the same way. Now I make sure I have time before to either hit some balls at the range first or to do some swing drills to get warmed up. It makes a huge difference.
I've always used my left and have never even considered switching. I might have to try it out as my aim needs work right now.
Best thing that ever help me was the feet together drill. Helped me get a great feel for swinging the golf club and how my body turns.
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