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With putting so much of it is mental and personal preference. If 99 people responded to this thread and told you yes it would be better, you would probably go putt better. The type of stroke would come into play as well as your personal nuances or imperpections that take place during your putting stroke.
For those of you who have his books, would you recommend Art of Scoring over putting and short game? Does it combine the two nicely or does it miss the mark being combined into one book? I'm looking to give one of his books a read, and right now both areas of my game could use some attention.
My handicap has dropped 6 strokes since the beginning of the year and my distances have all increased about a club, but I was a shorter hitter to start with.
I feel ya on this one. This weekend was the club championship and my putting was ALL OVER. Way past, way short etc etc etc.
Mine is decreasing. I've gone down by 6 since the start of the year. Granted I still have a lot more to go down.
In line with this thread rather than start another, what balls have you guys played that you find offer a lot of greenside spin but are in the more affordable category. I'm looking for better spin for the greens but don't want to shell out $40-50 bucks a dozen. I'm playing Bridgestone E6's right now and love them off the tee and on iron shots, I just don't find they offer much spin around the green.
I play the ball back in my stance on my wedges. I've found that this has gotten rid of any thin shots. I've hit some a little fatter than I would like, but my wedges usually bail me out and make it a half decent shot. I feel as though I can attack the ball more aggressively with the ball back in my stance.
My lean comes from the same thing, the movement of the weight forward. On very short putts when I am looking to move the ball in a straight line with more speed than is neccesary to take the break out, I exaggerate my forward shaft lean. I don't know that it helps at all, it's just how I've always done it
Let's discuss a few things about the putting stroke. Putting itself seems to be such a personal thing with so many variations on how to execute it and cubs to execute it with. 1) Where you do play the ball in your stance when putting? 2) Do you lean the shaft forward and if so, how much? 3) What style of stroke do you use? ( straight back/through aka pendulum, "door hinge' etc 4) What type of grip do you use? 5) How do you aim and align yourself? I tend to play...
Walking is so enjoyable and I don't find that you fall behind. Yesterday was our club championship and out of my threesome the other two were in a cart. On more than one occasion I found myself waiting for them to take their shots. The group two groups behind us also had a mix of walkers and riders and had to continually wait for the group directly behind us, all of whom were riding.
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