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Another notch for the Bridgestone E6. I've been playing it all year and have loved it. The E5 goes too high for my swing as I don't have any problems getting the ball up in the air.
Nike It appears some golfers still can't accept Nike as a legit brand.
1. Looking down the line from behind my ball picturing/focusing on the shot I want to make. The key for me here is "seeing" it. 2. 2 practice swings where I am again "seeing" the shot as well as feeling the swing. 3. Step up to the ball, close my glove to get ready. 4. Look down to my target, focusing on it, then waggle. I repeat this twice. 5. Let er rip. If at any point I'm not happy with anything I start again. It really does take less time to have a routine...
I've got them and love them. Hands down best bang for the buck you'll find out there.
Same, middle of the green and try to draw or fade it. IF the pin is in the middle of the green ( how often does that happen lol ) I will set up slightly right of the middle and play my draw as it will draw in to the pin or my miss will be straight and still on the green.
Flop it on with my 64, works everytime I am close to the green and need to put it in the air quick and drop it close.
And just as an add on to my first post, check them out on ebay. I bought myu SQ Dymo for $70 canadian from them on there.
I bought a Nike and love it. Here is a link for where I purchased mine. The seller is on ebay but also has an online store. I've purchased this driver from them as well as my 3 wedges. Great, service, 3 day shipping to Canada. http://www.golfetail.com/?utm_source...dzaOA.hbayyuoQ
Nice to see the novelty of the toonie being used by our american friends lol. I primarily use a 1 pound coin ( small but pretty thick ) or a coin from the local chamber of commerce worth $2 ( it's bigger than a loonie or half dollar, but not very thick ) If I don't have those my divot tool has a marker on it and failing that any change I have in my pocket, The 1 pound coin is my good luck coin though.
You'll want to set that at address ( especially if you are shaping shots ) and maintain the angle of the wedge through the swing. The left wrist hinge should build during the backswing, unload into impact and re hine on follow through.
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