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I just added these to my bag in replacement of my Bertha wedges. I've loved them so far. For the $$ I think they are a great deal. There are better wedges out there, but at no where near the same bang for the buck as these.
Also, is it open to Canadian customers? I thought I recalled something somewhere about not being able to pay outside of the US. If so I think I may give it a try.
This is my swing. First is my "conventional" swing in regular time and then slow motion. After that is my attempt at a Stack and Tilt. Other than the flipping of the hands, where would you guys start to fix the swing. The swing feels sooooo good when I make good contact and make a good shot. Right now though it's far too inconsistent and I'm not sure where to start.
After some thought and some help from my wife I am posting my swing here. In the video I have started my showing my "conventional" swing in regular and half time. I have then added my Stack and Tilt effort again in regular and half time. One thing I have already learned in I flip my wrists far too much and I think I am either setting myself up to far forward to start my S&T swing, or I am not moving forward enough for some reason. Anyway, here it is. Pardon the...
All we worked on was my backswing turn involving the hips and right leg. My inconsistencies have come mostly from hitting alot of fat shots and the odd thin shot. Even before Stack and Tilt I would always straighten my right leg during the backswing. We focused on keeping the bend in the right leg and shifting the weight back naturally, just by allowing it to shift with the hip/shoulder turn. From there my natural swing combined with that allowed me to hit the ball...
By no means is it a guarantee, but to me a pro who is solidly booked up is likely booked up for a good reason.
Stack and Tilt has a critical flaw right now that may keep it from ever catching on. That's the availability of teaching pros who can help correct flaws and advance the student as they need to, rather than allow them to learn wrong habits and swing flaws. I can go to my course and take a lesson with my club pro, as I did this past Monday morning. Within 20 minutes of lesson I was hitting the ball more consistently, straighter and farther than I ever really have. All of...
Chuck Norris doesn't use a driver. He uses a wedge to put it in the air and then spins the earth to where he wants the ball to land. Hole in one on any hole, even par 5's.
Ya, Phil gets a little excited at the start of it. On a side note, that commercial is so corny my wife pokes fun at me. After I get home from a round she'll ask " so, are you stacked?"
I've figured out today why so many people have an issue with Stack and Tilt. I was watching Golf Channel today and the commercial for the DVD's came on. It's all about the voice guy. The guy they had do the dialogue for the commercial is in too many other infomercials etc. That's where they lost people, too infomercially. So now we know why.
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