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Local callaway rep yesterday said they would be "limited edition". He didn't seem too happy with even having them in his posession.
After my round yesterday the Callaway rep was out for a demo day with all the clubs to hit. I fell in love with the Diablo forged irons. They felt great and had great distane and control on them. The FT irons weren't bad either, but I loved the Diabo forged. For those of you who are very familiar with a wide variety of clubs, any suggestions on a set that may give a similar feel/performance ( or better ) to these without the $1100 price tag?
HUGE set back for me in regards to S & T this weekend. Everything is FAT, and not just fat but FAT. Back to the drawing board to tweak things.
I play an old Callaway Bertha S2H2. It will be quite a long time before that club comes out of my bag. It has the most predictable ball flights of any club in my bag and decent distance too. I also had it shortened ( i'm only 5'4" ) which likely helps the control and predictability.
I think you nailed it when you said handle forward. I definitely don't do this now with my driver swing. I have the weight forward etc, but need to add an adjustment to the handle.
With the ball on the heel of the front foot and utilizing a stack and tilt swing, won't this help create a fade/slice as there is a better chane of hitting the ball after the center of the swing radius around the body ( out to in ) ? What adjustments do people commonly make to keep a straight/draw shot?
No experience here but I am curious my self. I am currently playing Bridgestone E6's and want to give the Crushes a try.
Right now I am working it as pushing my left hip back and forward to straighten my hips out and begin sliding them along the target line or slightly open to it. I was working on mostly the feeling out of the left hip but changed it to my right foot and knee today. I think I've been turning on the ball of my right foot and liftin the heel prior to contact. In light of these I've begun working on feeling my right foot roll over to the inside of itslf. I have yet to use...
I tried the swing last year and put it aside until the past month or so. Since trying it out again I have had flashes of brilliance with it, and then have seen it all apart. I'm a little uncomfortable with beginning my down swing. My hips are turning to the point where I am turning on the whole swing and on the worst ones I am going way way left. Any thoughts or tips on starting the downswing? I've tried a few things and nothing feels right yet.
As the title says, I am playing a set of 02 Berthas right now. I am currently working on a stack and tilt swing. I currently do not get a draw despite different minor changes. Swwing and technique aside, will I get a draw out of these clubs or are they going to keep doing what they were designed to do which is hit the ball straight?
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