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I used to play a golf course near Houston that when built had absolutely no out of bounds markers anywhere.  On the scorecard, it did say that any streets were OB.  The street thing only came into play on 3 or 4 holes.  Now, a lot of the holes had pretty dense woods on either side so you may have had an issue with lost balls but not much issue with OB.   THEN...they started building homes around some of the holes and OB stakes were installed.  On some of those holes, you...
 I play a lot of courses in housing developments where there are yards with no fences and yards with fences. You have fairway/rough/OB stakes.  These are places where houses are right up against the course.  Not 100 yards back off the course.  If I can reach my ball with my ball retriever without going up in the yard...I will get it.  I am not about to go wandering up in someone's yard just because they do not have a fence.  I have seen way too many yelling/screaming...
Strange local rule at Tidewater in Myrtle Beach.  Housing along the fairways yet there are no OB stakes.  If you hit your ball into a yard or flower bed in a yard and can find it, you get free relief on the opposite side of the cart path away from the yard.  However, if you don't find it, then it is simply a lost ball and you must replay from where ever you hit the last shot.  See people walking in these folks yards all the time searching for their ball.  And, there are no...
My league breaks down competition into 2 flights by handicap index.   So, if there are 20 people playing, there will be 10 people in the A flight and 10 in the B flight. I am in the A flight.  The handicap split is usually around 15.something or 16.something. index.   Being around a 10 or 11 handicap, I am sort of in the middle. We do not have but a couple of people who are around 5 and none lower. I am comfortable playing anyone in that handicap range.
I play in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur every year. Used to be called the Dupont World Am and then was the Golf.com World Am.  This will be my 28th consecutive year of playing in it.   4 days of stroke play flighted by age brackets and handicap.   Win your flight and you play a 5th day with all the flight winners.  
If the yard is not fenced and the ball is visible from the course, I will go get it.  If the yard is fenced and I can reach the ball with my 15ft ball retriever, I will get it.  I will not open a gate to a fence to go in and get a ball from a yard.  
It is ok to let faster groups play thru and you should.  BUT...if you are having to do it every time you play with these guys, they probably have the attitude now that "well, if they want to play thru...ok.  I'm happy with the pace we are playing."  That is just wrong.  If I am in a slow group, I constantly remind them..."Hey guys, we are 2 (or 3 or 4) shots behind the group ahead.  We need to pick it up."  I play in a tournament league and we play by the rules and putt...
If you live, or have lived, in tornado country...you see what is in that pic and not worry too much.  Now, when you see one that looks like it is a mile wide dark as crap and moving in your direction...you better hope that golf cart you are standing next to is very fast.  
Why oh why does it take me 6 holes to realize I am crowding the ball at address on the tee box with my driver...especially since it was a problem the last 2 rounds and I know it. 
Yes I can and I think most avid golfers can too.  
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