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 I totally agree. 
I think part of the allure of the club that I moved to was the fact that it had 5 par 3s and everyone of them required a different club for the tee shot.  Also, the par 4s varied in length.  A couple required less than driver off the tee because of doglegs or water coming into play.  Longer par 4s brought different irons into play on the 2nd shots.  The club I had belonged to before, par 4s were boring in length...driver-8, driver-9, driver-wedge.  It had lots of OB that...
Here in the US, I have known some guys who have been DQ'd from tournament(s) for submitting the higher of 2 or more handicaps when entering the tournament.  They were found out and DQ'd.  Rightfully so.  I play out of 3 different organizations, pay handicapping fee to each one but all post to my same handicap number so I have only 1 handicap.  
I remember back in the 80s, I was playing out of a club near where I was living and there were clubs in my bag that I just never hit.  They opened up a road nearby that gave me quicker access (20 minutes instead of an hour) to another club where I had a bunch of friends playing regularly.  They invited me over to play.  I went home and told my wife I was joining the other club.  She asked why.  My response..."Today, I hit every club in my bag."  
I had the cataract procedure (lens implants) done.  2 weeks between each eye.  First eye, scary as he!!...second eye, I knew what to expect so it was nothing.  Since I was fully aware on 2nd eye, I looked at the clock when they wheeled me into the room and when they wheeled me out....8 minuites total.  I still have to wear glasses to read and use computer.  Other than that...I am fine.  First thing I noticed after having the surgery...how blue the sky really was.  :)Good...
I voted "Either" but I do care.  As I explained above, it depends upon whose company I am in.  I learn to adapt.  And, I go to the UK often enough I don't need some bloke correcting me. 
I see this thread has gone off in a different direction but your question was answered a couple of times.  No, you do not have to be a member of a club.  Check local golf courses around you and see if they offer a handicapping service such as GHIN.  Many do. I play in a Greater Houston traveling tournament league and with membership to our league we pay for GHIN handicapping service.  A member has to keep his dues paid up and if he does his GHIN service is active.  We have...
I too agree.  And, if you slow that video down so that you can place a pointer where the ball is lying on the green, it is very easy to see that the marker he put down was not moved forward.  It was in the correct spot.  He did not mark the ball where it ended up after rolling.  No penalty.
No, I play in a tournament league (20 plus events each year) and I also play in other tournaments that are played under USGA Rules of Golf.  So, no need for me to use an illegal driver even if for not tournament rounds.  I maintain a USGA handicap and I want to post every score...legally.
 Me too.
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