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As much money as I spend on golf, renewing my subscription for my Skycaddie is no big deal.  I have a laser rangefinder and it is great for shooting the flag and knowing that yardage.  I like the SGX.  I have a very good picture of the hole (better than any phone app I have tried and I have tried most of them).  I know the yardages front, center, back of the green.  I find it to be an excellent device.  In a round on course I play very infrequently, I will look at the...
My answer was zero and since you asked...I really do not like the shoes.  To you, they may be the "best golf shoes on the market" but to me they are uncomfortable and I simply do not like the style.  To each his own.  
 Great.  You can register online and get email updates about each upcoming tournament.  You can also sign up for any one of the tournaments online also.  Would be great to have you come out and play.
 Little John Golf League   website is www.littlejohngolfleague.com  Schedule for events is on the website.  We play pretty much every other Sunday morning at a different golf course in the Greater Houston Area.  All play is stroke play and we payout 3 best net scores.  We have 2 flights split by handicap index so we pay out 6 places net.  We also payout closest to the pin on all par3s, most birdies front 9, most birdies back 9.  We offer an optional combined gross/net...
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site.  I live in the Greater Houston area (Weston Lakes).
 I totally agree. 
I think part of the allure of the club that I moved to was the fact that it had 5 par 3s and everyone of them required a different club for the tee shot.  Also, the par 4s varied in length.  A couple required less than driver off the tee because of doglegs or water coming into play.  Longer par 4s brought different irons into play on the 2nd shots.  The club I had belonged to before, par 4s were boring in length...driver-8, driver-9, driver-wedge.  It had lots of OB that...
Here in the US, I have known some guys who have been DQ'd from tournament(s) for submitting the higher of 2 or more handicaps when entering the tournament.  They were found out and DQ'd.  Rightfully so.  I play out of 3 different organizations, pay handicapping fee to each one but all post to my same handicap number so I have only 1 handicap.  
I remember back in the 80s, I was playing out of a club near where I was living and there were clubs in my bag that I just never hit.  They opened up a road nearby that gave me quicker access (20 minutes instead of an hour) to another club where I had a bunch of friends playing regularly.  They invited me over to play.  I went home and told my wife I was joining the other club.  She asked why.  My response..."Today, I hit every club in my bag."  
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