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 Absolutely and it is in my bag all the time.  But, I play in a lot of tournaments each year so it is good to have one for cases just as the one being discussed in this thread.
Well, you gotta try the pimento cheese sandwich.  That's just tradition.  :) Souveniers and stuff you can buy at the shops on the course are not overly expensive. When I went last, people asked me to bring them back things and before it was all said and done I had spent almost $500. To get a feel, you really need to walk the entire course before you decide to find a place to just sit and watch.  It is well worth it to get to see the entire golf course, grounds, area...
Depends upon where I am and who is in the company I am with.  All Americans, I call it the British Open.  Otherwise, generally refer to it as the Open Championship...don't need someone correcting me.
I'm one of the odd ones apparently.  I bought a 14 divider TM bag, used it 1 time and gave it to my son.  I just did not like it.  I prefer the 6 slot bag.
Someone asked this a while back either on this site or another one.  I actually went out and checked just to see.  I still had the list and it has not changed. 14 clubs, all TM Umbrella I bag tag hanging on the bag received when I made my last hole-in-one Clip on Sunglass case with pair of NYX sunglasses Clip on bag containing pair of winter gloves and a pair of FJ rain gloves Inside the bag itself.... Large ziplock bag with golf gloves (currently 9) FJ Rain...
I would say that depends.  If they are sponsored by Callaway, they probably use the Callaway.  It is just personal choice for them just like for us.The reason you don't see Ricky Fowler or any other pro using them in a tournament....they are not allowed in tournament play by the PGA, which most tournaments are governed by...at least at this time.
Years ago, I used to play with a guy we nicknamed "just give me a double".  Most times, a double was gracious.
We play for something quite often.  We all know each other and we don't go crazy with the amount of the bet.  Generally, whoever wins most money has to buy drinks.  A lot of times, the drinks are more than the amount you win...so be it.  It is still fun.  All about bragging rights anyway.  Sometimes we play wolf, sometimes we just play skins...net since we have a variety of handicaps.  Another group that I sometimes play with, we pot up $25 each and play skins and closest...
My casual round playing partners could care less what I carry in my bag.  Most of them play in the same tournaments I do.  So, they know if I carry an extra club (15th) and become used to having it I will be at a distinct disadvantage come tournament time. When I was experimenting with different hybrids, I had more than 14 club in my bag.  Same goes for putters.  But, when it came time for another tournament, I had already decided what 14 clubs would remain in the bag.
Not ALMOST always...ALWAYS.  Would be rude not to.  And, I don't wear hats or caps all that often but when I do, I remove it.  If wearing sunglasses, I remove them also.
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