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Zero also for me.  Put 2 in my pocket to start out and finished with both.  Unfortunately, both will have shag bag duty now as both have cart path rash.  Made it to 17 before that happened and then the other ball on 18.  
 FWIW, I looked the course up on Google Maps.  There is a lot of distance between the start of the tree line and La Plaisance Creek where you indicated.  Not seeing it other than aerially, would be hard call if they have nothing marked.   I would pose the question directly to the course.  If they have not marked other hazards, then this is "probably" a lateral hazard.  Of course, the question then would be "where does the lateral hazard begin and end?"  Best answer is...
 Often times, it is just a matter of how you come across to someone when you point out a possible rules infraction.  I see people too often come off with a condescending attitude and the player gets riled up and then it gets ugly.  In the OPs example, the guy who asked what club the other one had hit.  I prefer to simply look at both of them and say "you can't ask that question...it is against the Rules of Golf".  Often times, they simply do not know.  But, if I said "Hey,...
In absence of markings or notation on the scorecard, I would assume the course considers that to just be woods and not a hazard.  Can't find the ball, then it is a lost ball.   But, question for OP...does the course have other water or lateral water hazards that are properly marked with either red/yellow stakes or painted lines? I have played a lot of muni and daily fee courses that are poorly marked or not marked at all.  I guess they just assume you know what is a...
While I am not a proponent of playing by this type of modified rules, one thing it will do is speed up play.  I saw that in my tournament league when we switched from modified rules to actually playing by the ROG.  Pace of play got slower and that is a challenge for our league.  I have heard tons of reason why it should have not gotten slower but reality is reality...it got slower.  
When I started playing in the Tournament League I currently play in, they played "relaxed" (if you will) rules similar to what OP has mentioned.  The problem came when they wanted to start actually having official USGA handicaps.  They were not playing by USGA rules.  Yes, playing that way is fun and yes it might get some folks playing in some form of competitive golf that is not serious.  I was the first "chairman of rules committee" when the league got serious about...
I did not want him to win either.  I realize he is the only USA guy in the playoff but I simply do not like him.  
Casual - 68 (couple of times on par 72 courses) but most notably was in Scotland a few years back on a golf course I had never seen before. Tournament - 74  ( par 72 courses) done this couple of times also.  
I have played 7 courses that Tillinghast has some hand in (originally or redesign).  I enjoyed all of them.  Found them all to be very playable.   CC of Birmingham (AL) Coronado CC (CA) Palos Verdes GC (CA) Brook Hollow GC (TX) Ft. Sam Houston (TX) Brackenridge Park (TX) Gus Wortham (TX)
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